RESPECT. Recap: Cousin Stizz Rocks The Lincoln Theater

Cousin Stizz at Lincoln Theatre

According to some of his most recent posts on Instagram, Cousin Stizz is having the time of his life! The Boston native joined good friend KYLE on his Super Tour and is making an impact. This weekend, the tour stopped in Raleigh, NC and it was definitely worth seeing.

Stizz started off his set with his hit record “Gain Green” and the crowd went crazy. Following that, he continued his set with another hit single, “Dirty Bands.” Stizz had the crowd lit during his set, with people jumping up and down and screaming the words to each song like it’s their first time listening. If there’s nothing Stizz can do, he can definitely keep a crowd hype. Even if you didn’t know the words, enough people knew so you wouldn’t feel left out.

In addition, Stizz decided to bless fans with a new track titled “Lambo” before ending his set with another great track titled “Shoutout.” After his set, we caught up with Stizz just to see what he thought about touring and experiences on tour.

RESPECT.: So Stizz, how’s the tour going so far?
Man its beautiful, its definitely a blessing and I’m blessed to be in this position.

RESPECT.: Is this your first time being in NC? 
Yes, it is. It turns out that I have a lot of family from my Dad’s side that lives here, so it was dope seeing and meeting them for the first time.

RESPECT.: How’s the energy here in Raleigh versus in Charlotte?
Now, I’m not gonna lie, Raleigh was fun, but Charlotte went DUMB last night! Their energy was amazing.

RESPECT.: What’s your favorite thing about being on tour?
I’d say sleep bro, you have to get your rest and make sure your eating healthy. Giving your all on stage every night isn’t possible if you’re not taking care of your body.

RESPECT.: What songs have you performed that have had the best response?
I would say my new track “Lambo,” “Gain Green” and definitely “Dirty Bandz.”

Cousin Stizz’s performance tonight was truly something to remember; you can check out some video clips below. If the tour hasn’t stopped in your city yet, be on the look out and purchase tickets; it’s something you don’t want to miss.

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