Charles Barkley on ’84 Draft Day Suit: ‘Man, burgundy was my favorite color’

Charles Barkley was selected fifth by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1984 NBA Draft. Photo Credit: NBA Entertainment

Charles Barkley gets a lot of flack for his choice of draft attire in the 1984 NBA Draft. It was burgundy, it was form fitting and he had a burgundy tie to go with it.

So…what was the rhyme or reason behind the suit?

“Well when you’re poor, you get that one suit and that was it,” Barkley told me candidly on Scoop B Radio Overtime. “You know, first of all I don’t mind growing up poor it just made me a better person, but man burgundy was my favorite color. I wanted to have a nice suit for the draft and we went out and got it.”

People have teased Barkley about his attire at the draft. I actually dug the suit so much, I attempted to recreate my own version of it in our interview.

“Listen let me tell you something, that bring back some good memories,” said Barkley. “You know the draft was a start of my amazing journey through life, and I’ve had an amazing life and it all started that night.”


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