50 Cent Punches Overzealous Fan In The Chest During Concert

Photo Credit: 50 Cent/Instagram

50 Cent may have a pending lawsuit on his hands. On Monday, a video of the rapper performing in an arena of screaming fans surfaced on TMZ.

In the middle of the performance shown below, a member of the rapper’s entourage points to an unidentified female fan in the crowd and says, “I said this b***h is a f*****g thot.” The reason for the verbal assault is unknown. But, the questionable behavior does not stop there.

As the crew continues to perform, 50 Cent stops to exchange pleasantries with some fans in the front row when another unidentified female fan pulls him off stage. Apparently displeased, 50 punches the woman in her chest.

After the altercation, you can hear 50 Cent telling his crew: “Come on, tell her to come over here.” A crew member is then seen lifting a woman from the audience onto the stage. Whether or not she is the same woman 50 punched in the chest is also unknown.

This is not the first time an artist-to-fan altercation has occurred. In 2016, Kevin Gates kicked a female fan in the chest after she groped him during a performance.

In 2013, Rihanna hit a fan in the face with a microphone when she grabbed ahold of the singer and refused to let her go at a concert in the United Kingdom. Gates was found guilty of battery and was sentenced to 180 days in jail. No charges were filed against Rihanna.


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