Wally takes on Savitar – ‘The Flash’ Recap: “The Wrath of Savitar”


In the latest episode of ‘The Flash’ we saw Wally get manipulated by Savitar more than once. Wally has finally gained the speed to save Iris but unfortunately he may never get the chance to do that thanks to Savitar.

Barry and the team learn of Savitar’s hold on Wally when Wally is physically attacked by The God of Speed during a training session. This caused Barry to kick Wally off the team for fear of Savitar spying on their plans. This then forces the team and a newly returned Julian to reach out to Savitar. They strapped Julian up once again and allowed Savitar to come through.

Savitar informs Barry that he is closer to freedom than the team thinks. He only needs one more item and then he will be set free. The item he needs is the philosopher’s stone. Turns out the entire stone wasn’t thrown into the speed force. Caitlin kept a piece in hopes that it could reverse her powers. Not only did she betray the team but she betrayed Julian and right after he kissed her!

After that fiasco Wally asked Cisco to vibe him into the future to see Iris’s death.  He thought that by seeing it he could find a way to overcome his fear of not being able to save her. Unfortunately it made it worse for him. He does however discover that Iris does not have an engagement ring on her hand and calls out Barry for proposing to his sister only because he hoped to change the future. Even though Barry does love Iris that definitely wasn’t the way to go about things. Hence why she removed the ring by the end of the episode.

Once again the team used Julian in hopes of finding a location on Savitar. They do find him but it is too late. Wally is already there and is opening a breech in order to throw the philosopher’s stone into it, thinking that will defeat Savitar. Unfortunately that is exactly what Savitar wanted Wally to do. As Barry arrived Wally was sucked into the speedforce and Savitar was set free. Savitar needed Wally to take his place in order to escape.


Barry now must find a way to defeat Savitar and save Wally before Savitar destroys Central City.

The Flash v. Savitar battle begins.


Barry goes into the speedforce to save Wally. There he is greeted by Eddie, Ronnie, Captain Cold and a Time Wraith.


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