RESPECT. Print Issue Introduction – Migos, Dae Dae, Nave Monjo & So Much More


RESPECT. maintains its alluring individualism by way of talents of immeasurable uniqueness, and a team of seasoned culture journalists, ready in a heartbeat to provide the hip-hop and music community with distinctive content.

2016 and the beginning of 2017 saw these talents and their artistic hearts beating out content suffused with ingenuity and structure. MigosCulture indulged in musical flavors which colored the very environment that they’ve become faces in. “I think more than anything we inspired each other,” Offset told RESPECT. On artistic comfort, Quavo says, “We used to being here, but you can’t get comfortable. You can’t sit on your ass; you’ve got to feel like you hungrier, like it’s the first time.”

“You’ve got to do you. Stay in your lane, create your own lane and just go hard. Work. Just go hard 24/7 and don’t stop,” says Takeoff; and the ideology he and his family stand so gallantly by is shared by our culture at RESPECT. In our annual print issue, we enlisted the talents and thoughts of minds like Dae Dae, Cousin Stizz, Nave Monjo, and plenty of others. It’s these artistic contributions which help our magazine thrive and continue to construct provoking, insightful, groundbreaking content.

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