RESPECT. Premiere: Sara Phillips is Setting this “House on Fire” with Her Beautiful Voice

It takes a strong individual to put their all into their music and not bat an eye. And Sara Phillips is one of those individuals. The singer/songwriter from Montreal has come a long way  from when she was just building up her craft. Now, Sara’s fanbase is growing at an extremely fast pace and for good reason: she co-produced and recorded her self-titled EP. Yup, she did that folks! And she didn’t stop there. She continued to release tracks like “Rolling Stone” and “Boy Who Let Me Down.” Then she released her second EP, Sea Change, on June 28th. Talk about non-stop!

Sara is now back with a visual for her recent track, “House on Fire,” and it’s absolutely beautiful. Not only is the song amazing but the scenic view of L.A. really brings it all together. The song is raw, strong and really displays Sara’s singing skills! You’ll definitely want to watch the video below.

You can keep up to date with Sara on iTunes, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram and her site.


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