RESPECT. Premiere: Clyde Kelly’s “Need U” is Sentimental & Ecstatic

Clyde Kelly

“I’m stuck in my feelings, my feelings/I’m feeling on you” reverberates throughout the intoxicating electronic instrumental, blurring the sonic boundary between music for heading out on when the sun’s low and rocking by yourself in the comfort of your bedroom floor. Clyde Kelly strikes the balance with effortlessness and perfection on “Need U (in my feelings),” an emotional ballad which aches with longing but manages to uphold its fast tempo through the lyrics about desiring someone’s touch and affection.

Energetic words bounce swiftly as the first verse introduces itself- and Kelly makes a note of frequently juxtaposing rapid rapping with R&B singing. Emily Marie does the somber hook, and provides backing vocals as she & Kelly fluidly transition from hook to verse.

On the track, Clyde Kelly said:

“This track is about real love, including all its ups and downs. Emily and I co-wrote this song to paint the picture of an impassioned relationship, strained by the intensity of emotions on both sides. Lil Medic put together a high-energy beat that builds into a natural climax, and that’s when the story comes to a head, with both of us realizing that real love requires self-sacrifice and perseverance, and that it’s worth it.”

His debut album, humbly titled Not Yet Rich, features the likes of Michael Christmas and Rome Fortune, as well as production from Toronto based producer D.R.O. (who you may have heard on Felly’s “Desert Eagle”). You can stream the track above, and follow Clyde Kelly on Twitter and Instagram.

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