RESPECT. Interview: Wall Way Talks About Mixtape, Visuals, Upcoming Projects + More


Wall Way is a rap group from the South Side of Raleigh, North Carolina. Knowing that Raleigh breeds talented people, and with 2017 being full of buzz for the music industry, it is only right to keep an eye out for the up and coming rap group. Some projects that we can expect from them includes their mixtape, Wall Way Tha Family (WWF), and a visual for the song, “Making It Happen.” You can also expect some single projects from the members as well. Wall Way took some time to interview with RESPECT. to discuss what put them in the position they are in today, recent projects, and to drop some gems for other artists striving for success in the game.

Check out Wall Way’s first official music video “Lavish” and the interview below:

RESPECT.: To start the interview off, could each of you tell us who you are and where you were born and raised.

CNote: I’m CNote, 1/3 of Wall Way, born and raised on the south side of Raleigh.

2Go: My name’s 2Go, and south side of Raleigh, North Carolina. I was raised on Martin Street.

RESPECT.: I understand y’all just joined forces in 2016. What influenced each of you to be a part of a group?

2Go: We all cousins. Me and Pac been f*cking around with the music sh*t since young, but being young, you know, you get caught up with what you may think is appealing in life and living fast. But when CNote came to us and said he wanted to start rapping,  we said f*ck it and came together with it.

RESPECT.: As a young rapper, who was the first artist to influence your rapping style? Who did you grow up listening to?

2Go: I grew up listening DMX and Juvenile so you can say those two had a lot to do with me wanting to rap or even my style of rap

Cnote: I fell in love wit music when the Hot Boyz were in they prime I think that’s who we can compare to the most me PAC and 2Go all got different styles, but when you put it together it’s 🔥🔥🔥

RESPECT.: What drives you to become a better rapper?

2Go: It’s certain things that drives me and one of them just so happens to be knowing every time I step in the studio I’m in coexistence with two people I know for a fact are not going to fall short of expectations so I try to be on top of my game at all times and we’re family at the end of the day so it’s always a friendly competition; they keep me on my toes

RESPECT.: You all have made some pretty dope music! Which one of your songs is your favorite? 

CNote: My favorite track is “Lavish” just because that’s the first song all 3 of us ever did together

2Go: Yeah, “Lavish” just because how everybody gravitated towards that track was crazy I like the remix even more though, but I ain’t going to give it away

RESPECT.: “Lavish” is hot. I like the video too!! Everyone meshed well; the chemistry was there!! I saw some cameos from A Boogie and John Wall. How was the video shoot for you guys? 

2Go: It was really a camera following us around for two months it’s crazy the video was mostly B roll footage we had a meeting wit Web (the camera man) and he gave us his vision and set up some scenes but it was basically 64 days and 5 states and Web turned it into something lavish.

RESPECT.: The video was super hot… I peeped the lavish lifestyle *haha* I’m sure y’all feel accomplished after releasing the video & receiving positive feedback. How important are videos to your music? 

2Go: Videos are always going to be important as far as perception and attitudes towards the brand. And giving the audience something to look at and grab their attention. The vibe always going to be different when they can visualize what’s going on

RESPECT.: What obstacles have y’all faced when creating the video? And in the music industry in general?

2Go: The process of shooting the video was smooth and I think it’s because Web (the camera man) is one of the easiest people to work with. He love what he do and you see it just by being around him; his energy is always high and his vibe is crazy, but just understanding it’s gone be impediments complications, or obstacles, or whatever you want to call it, because it is a journey we’ve took a lot of losses behind closed doors but the most important thing is how do you overcome and having the mindset of you sacrificing for a greater cause

RESPECT.: I agree. Those closed doors are lessons! You know, there’s beauty in the struggle. What part of the process do you enjoy the most? 

2Go: Seeing how people gravitate towards it. The way they give back. Seeing and hearing people’s response or people that don’t know me come up to me and say, “I’m f*****g with it keep going.” It happens more often than not and that be all the motivation I need and I enjoy it

RESPECT.: What advice would you give other up and coming artists? 

2Go: Just stay focused in order to make something work for yourself you have to work harder than everybody else and be original and genuine with your craft and somebody is going to relate to it


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