RESPECT. Interview: Lihtz Kamraz Talks New Project & Growing up in Philly

Lihtz Kamraz is a Philly native and has been broadcasting his music all over the world.  His loyal fan base and the extensive following of FOX’s hip-hop based TV series has helped him soar to fresh new heights.  Since his final appearance on Empire‘s “Time Shall Unfold” episode, Lihtz has released his new project, The Switch Up and has been featured in publications such as VIBE, Elevator Mag, and Hiphopsince1987, to name a few.

Lihtz Kamraz recently sat down with RESPECT. to discuss being on Empire to what he thought about the mumble rappers in the game. He gave his insight on where is the best spot to grab a Philly Cheesesteak for tourists when they visit the city and spoke on collaborating with Meek and wanting to do a skit with Kevin Hart one day.

Finally, he speaks on Hov being an inspiration and what he would actually say to him over the phone.  Check out the interview with Lihtz Kamraz below.

RESPECT.: You recently made an appearance on Empire on Fox. Can you describe to us what the atmosphere on set was like for you?

Empire set was like a family. Obviously, I was new onset, but it didn’t take long to feel like I was apart of the family. The energy was different than I expected. I kind of felt like I was around regular people and not celebrities that I’ve seen on tv forever.

RESPECT.: If you had the opportunity to collaborate with Meek Mill, what type of song would you like to create?

Meek and I  have worked together! We got a lot of unreleased records. But if I can choose the vibe it would be on, I’d probably do some crossover. I would try to create something different for him, but still, make it real.

RESPECT.: How what was it like working with individuals like Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard and Bryshere Y. Gray?
It was cool seeing people on that level be down to Earth. Plus, it’s always good to see how they carry themselves. I was always paying attention trying to steal as much game and experience that I could.

RESPECT.: Have you spoken with some of your cast mates about collaborations in the studio soon?

Me and Breezy (Freda Gatz) have worked on a couple records. Nothing released, but we definitely have the intentions to create more music when the timing is right.

RESPECT.: Being that you are based out of Philadelphia, how was it growing up for you?

My pop wasn’t around so it was my mom that took care of two kids on her own. I did a lot of moving around from crib to crib. At some point in life, I lived in like every section of the city. So I can go a lot of places in Philly and feel comfortable cause people know me around there.

RESPECT.: I hear that the Philly Cheesesteaks in Philly are second to none. What is your opinion and where do you suggest tourists go?  

Philly is the only place that makes Philly Cheesesteaks. Anywhere else, it’s a knockoff. I think Max’s make the best Cheesesteaks. It’s a lot of different styles, though, so it depends on what you like. I don’t like cheese wiz at all, but I like my steak chopped up. The steak tastes better when it’s greasy and sloppy lol.

RESPECT.: Where do you draw your inspiration from as an artist when you are creating music?

My inspiration comes from all over. I’m usually looking for a certain feeling. Roll something up and dim the lights kind of vibe. Usually, when I’m stuck I ask myself what are you trying to say. Like what are you actually trying to get across? Sometimes I focus more on the sound or the delivery than the actual content.

RESPECT.: How long did it take for you to finish your last project ‘The Switch Up?’

People always ask me that, but it’s hard to really pinpoint because I didn’t really make it together. I had some songs that I put together with some others and then added some more. Like the oldest record on my project is “Liquid Lady” at 3-years-old. I almost didn’t put it on the project, but I felt like if I don’t use it now I probably never will.

RESPECT.: Where do you see the hip-hop game headed in the next 2 years with the mumble rappers?

I feel like rap is going where it’s always been going. It has evolved into a way to make money and so as long as something is profitable it’s going to be around. You have to support the artist that makes the music you like because if J.Cole becomes the most popular rapper in the game more people will start rapping like him. People follow the wave and that’s what a lot of rappers are doing. Copycats and no originality, no meaning, no nothing. But when people like me give them the real they appreciate it more.

RESPECT.: Would you like to work on a skit or a promo with Kevin Hart on one of your projects soon?

I mean it’s Kevin Hart. Hell yeah! I’ll do a skit with him. It’s not even a question lol.

RESPECT.: Finally, who is your biggest inspiration currently in hip-hop today and if you had a five-second phone conversation with him or her what would you say?

Today my biggest inspiration is Jay Z. Hov has always been somebody I admired so to have a conversation on the phone that would be major! If I was talking to him, I would tell him to sign me lol straight like that. It’s not like you get an opportunity, talk to, Hov every day. Let’s get right to the point. I’m hot, so fuck with my big homie. That should seal the deal.
Keep up with Lihtz Kamraz on soundcloud  & Twitter.
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