RESPECT. Interview: Keith Jenkins Talks The Based Life, New Music & Gold World Records

 Wolfpack Og, Keith Jenkins is a true game changer that is constantly growing musically while solidifying his own lane. Keith is on a wave of new music releasing art almost every week while he connects with new and old listeners. We highly respect this artist for sticking to his sound which is one of a kind, making him stand out in a big way since the beginning of his humble career with the pack when he was 15. RESPECT. caught up with Keith and talked about his life as of lately, his recent work and how much things have changed for him as an artist. Catch up with Keith below.

RESPECT.:  As of late you’ve been hard at work. Recently releasing 2 new songs and also a brand new video. Are these two singles from an upcoming project?

Yeah, I’ve released a lot of music lately the two new songs I just released aren’t on a new project. These also aren’t songs from an upcoming project these are just songs released for my people that follow me closely, so go get that crashed and burn out now worldwide.
RESPECT.: What’s been some the biggest changes you’ve witnessed along the way and what’s been some your biggest challenges you’ve dealt with?
Some of the biggest changes is that it’s cool now to be punk rock and its cool now to be a skater.  I was coming up they made fun of us for it they said it wasn’t hip-hop now you look in see everybody trying to be like we were back in 2006.  Some of the biggest challenges I think I’ve faced  are just being over overlooked from my accomplishments of things that I’ve started getting the recognition as someone who’s changed the face of rap,  also just being underrated but it comes with the territory of being a trendsetter and a tastemaker they’ll catch on soon enough.

RESPECT.: What’s been the greatest motivation for you to continue releasing music?
The Biggest motivation for me to continue making music at this point is just my fans the people that do listen and have been there with me for so long.  I can’t give up on them now so I continue to make music because  I know I’m where they get all the stuff from so if I quit where would they be.
RESPECT.: How and when did the Gold World brand come together? What type of artists are you looking to work?
Gold world records a new endeavor I started just to build and continue to establish myself as a solo artist and provide a platform to help other people get the dreams out. As far as artist that I’m looking to work with it’s more than just a record label,  I would look at it as a creative collective and we working with everyone from actors to screenwriters to ppl who are involved in extreme sportswear we got our hands in a lil of everything.

RESPECT.:  What’s been one of the craziest tour stories with the group or in general on tour so far?
The craziest story there are a lot of things that go down on the road but one of the craziest moments off the top of my head that I can reference is a time where a mother brought her daughters to our show and let’s just say it was a family affair including the mom shout out to the Wolfpack!!  We working. We got something on the way for y’all.
RESPECT.: What can we expect to see from you in 2017?
As far as what you can expect to see for me in 2017 is a lot of releases a lot of music a lot of content a lot of classics GOLD WORLD OR NO WORLD !!!