RESPECT. Interview: Boldy James Talks Detroit, Motivation to Make Music + More

Keeping his head high, Boldy James, linked up with RESPECT.  to give us his story on how he has come so far in the game. Being respectful to those from his hometown, he shows homage to Eminem & Big Sean. Aside from getting to know James, he also talks about his recently released mixtape House Of Blues, his perspective on the problems that had been going on in Detroit with their water situation and more. Read what Boldy had to say below.

RESPECT.: When did you start making music?
I started music when I was young, at six years old.
RESPECT.: Has living in Detroit helped you form into the artist you are today?
Some people look at poverty and being less fortunate as a bad thing – they mistake people from there as someone who can’t become something. Being from Detroit helped me bring my music to life. When you are involved in the music, when you bring it to life with visuals, the sound, everything starts to look good on camera because you see what’s real. The coke heads, the pollution, the trash, you see it all. You see the house with broken windows and front door, and that’s art – So my poverty-stricken life in Detroit motivated me to be a visualist when I write my music. I can paint pictures with my words.
RESPECT.: What are some positive changes going on in Detroit?
Detroit just has a great outlook and lots of creativity. There are definitely positive things in Detroit. This old lady runs a programs at church, she’s trying to involve me in what she’s doing to be a part of giving back to community.
RESPECT.: Coming from Detroit are you heavily influenced by Eminem and Big Sean? And if not them then who would you say influenced you?
I was influenced by Eminem, D12, all of them. I like Big Sean, I support it all, I support the city – I’m a big fan of people who don’t just take – they give back. A lot of people from Detroit never really popped off because they died or went to jail. I used to listen to a lot of the groups coming out of Detroit, the Street Lordz, the East Side Chedda Boyz, Rock Bottom… I was influenced by all the Detroit music before it was my turn to represent my city in the light that Mass Appeal and the industry provided me.
RESPECT.: Are you officially signed to Mass Appeal Records?
RESPECT.: Considering you’ve done a lot of work with The Alchemist and The Cool Kids, did they have any involvement on your new released mixtape ‘House Of Blues?’
Always. I would love to get back in the studio with them, Chuck Inglish is my cousin so me and Chuck gonna make music till we go to the grave. I don’t gotta force the relationship, it’s gonna happen, its organic, they’re all my guys.
RESPECT.: Which would you say are the three best records off the project?
Hit It,” “A Couple,” “Maserati Rick,” because they’re just different from what I usually do. I’m generally a boring person on purpose, I don’t like goofy shit or too much hype stuff, so these are different (because they’re hype!).
RESPECT.: Would you say that you are bringing a new sound coming from Detroit?
Yes. My star artist, Gue, is now out of prison, he’s my cousin. We’ve been back working – we’re trying to be business-minded because we want to move the underground. We’re shining light on the underground world. Detroiters don’t get enough credit – people who claim the city take all the credit but we’re shining light to it. This is ours.
RESPECT.: When you’re in the studio what helps you get into the mind state to think of creating a hot record?
Just thinking about the past and looking back on my life and all the stuff I put myself through, stuff I went through because I didn’t have a choice. It’s inspirational, the pain the joy, all that shit. I gotta take it all in, and invite you in and illustrate it in my music. I’m inspired by the drugs and the whole setting. I try to free myself of my own demons.
RESPECT.: Where does your inspiration come from? What is it about music that keeps you spitting bars?
My inspiration comes from my family, my kids, my compadres that I run the street with, my ConCreatures. I just come from a different kind of world… the world I come from there’s not too many people that make it out. I’m here for my kids and to be able to provide a lifestyle and world for them. To be able to feed them and raise them and educate them.
RESPECT.: Are you currently working on any new music? If so when should we be expecting it to drop?
Yeah, I am – I got the music ready and am already thinking about maybe titling it House of Blues 2. I’m gonna have something drop next month – I’m relocating my studio at this very moment. So I’m gonna get back to work!
Check out House Of Blues below.