No Mercy From Twitter as Tomi Lahren Loses Job

tomi lahren fired

Tomi Lahren works for Glen Bleck‘s The Blaze—or at least she did before she got permanently banned from the show for some recent comments.

Lahren is most known for her extremely conservative remarks on her segment from The Blaze, attacking former president Barack Obama (essentially calling him a Jihadist sympathizer), the Black Lives Matter movement (comparing them to the KKK), and basically anyone that holds a progressive stance. Not to mention she awakened the rage of Beyoncé‘s fans after her comments on the performers Super Bowl half-time show some time ago.

The commentator has now found herself at the mercy of her own political party after she made a statement on The View indicating that she was actually pro-choice, saying that the government should “stay out of my body”. Afterwards, when she got backlash from her fans and other conservatives, she pointed out the hypocrisy of the pro-life stance as it interfers with other professed conservative ideologies of government involvement in citizen’s lives. Her comments first got her suspended, then permanently banned from The Blaze.

Many people on Twitter found this hilarious and had no mercy on what many consider just comeuppance for her at times hateful and almost always offensive rhetoric. Some examples of this can be seen below.


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