Nardwuar Links with Desiigner for a Hilarious Interview [WATCH]

Desiigner and Nardwuar

At the point, Canadian journalist/musician Nardwuar has solidified his standing amongst one of the greatest in media (as well as one of the most unhinged, unorthodox individuals on camera). For the last few decades, the self-proclaimed Human Serviette has floored Rap and Rock’s most notable figures with his seemingly CIA-level abilities, bringing forth life-changing moments (and even symbolic gifts) that wouldn’t typically be known outside of the interviewee’s closest circles (ex. Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dogg and Odd Future). Unsurprisingly, some artists didn’t quite get the format, leading to less-than-upbeat results.

For his latest, Nardwuar catches up with the always-animated Desiigner, who was one of many touching down during SXSW in Austin, TX. During the stand-up interview, the Brooklyn emcee (with his manager, Zana Ray) spoke on Blues legend Sidney “Guitar Crusher” Selby (Desiigner’s grandfather), his Barbados lineage, Rush Hour 2 (he’s apparently a big Jackie Chan and martial arts fan), Lil Kim and much more…viewers were even rewarded with a full run-down of all of Desiigner’s sound effects.

Check out the interview in full below, and look out for many more SXSW clips from Nardwuar in the coming days. In related news, Desiigner is following up his latest single “Outlet” with a tour of the same name, which kicks off April 2nd in Seattle, WA. Get your tickets for that here.

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