A Musical Episode of ‘The Flash’ – Recap: “Duet”


The latest installment of ‘The Flash’ had Barry and Kara aka Supergirl teaming up to escape from their musical dream-like state. “Duet” was chock full of special appearances from John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlin), Victor Garber (Martin Stein), and Jeremy Jordan (Winn Schott). It also featured Chris Wood (Mon-El), David Harewood (Hank Henshaw/Martin Manhunter), Darren Criss (Music Meister) and Michelle Harrison (Nora Allen), along with series regulars performing songs as well.

The episode kicked off with a young Barry watching Singin’ in the Rain with his mother Nora and then transitioned into Barry watching the same movie at Cisco’s place. They then got an alert to return STAR Labs where they were greeted an unconscious Kara, Mon-El and Hank Henshaw who entered through a breach. Barry was then greeted by Music Meister and put in a coma along with Kara.

When he wakes up he is inside a musical watching Kara sing. The two are trapped in a world within their own minds. In this world they were singers in a club run by Malcolm Merlin who is called Cutter in this world. The two are then greeted by Cisco (Pablo in this universe) and Winn (Grady in this universe). Meister then reappeared to let the two know that they have no powers and that the only way they can escape is to stick to the musical’s script.

Kara and Barry are then kidnapped by a gangster Martin Stein who brings the two back to Joe who is also a gangster and Martin’s partner. The two ask for Barry and Kara’s help in finding their daughter Milly aka Iris who was last seen at the club that Barry and Kara sing at. The duo find Milly/Iris and discover her with Tommy aka Mon-El. They are star-crossed lovers from two rival gangs in this musical.

Back in Central City Caitlin discovered that the Meister was draining Barry and Kara’s powers and stealing them for himself. This caused Martin Manhunter aka Henshaw, Kid Flash and Vibe to team up and take down Music Meister. Cisco created an airstrike using Henshaw and a breach and Wally took care of the ground strike. They then brought the unconscious Meister back to STAR Labs and put him in a cell.

While this was going on Barry and Kara finally convinced Tommy and Milly to tell their parents about their relationship. Seeing Tommy and Milly together made Barry and Kara realize the mistakes they made with their loves back in reality (Iris and Mon-El).  Unfortunately Tommy and Milly’s happiness didn’t last long as their parent’s still chose to go to war despite their children being in love. There was a brief break in the drama where Kara and Barry sang Super Friend and tap danced while making fun of Superman. All seemed well until the bullets started flying. Both Kara and Barry were shot in the cross fire and as the Meister said if you die in here you die out there.

Luckily for our two supes Cisco was able to vibe Mon-El and Iris into the musical and they saved their loves with a kiss. Everyone then returned to the real world and Meister congratulated them after he easily broke out of his cell. He then tells Barry and Kara the reason he did what he did was to teach them a lesson; he believes in the good guys and wanted to teach them a lesson about letting themselves be saved every once in a while. Mon-El and Kara then get back together and return home along with Henshaw.

Iris and Barry then return to their apartment where Barry serenaded Iris with Runnin’ Home to You. He then re-proposed and she said yes!


Abra Kadabra arrives from the future and has information on how to save Iris

Gypsy also returns


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