Make it Pop: Jared KF Jones – “Turn Up The World”


A common misconception amongst those outside of the music industry is that if a song isn’t blasting through radios or flooding social media that it’s unsuccessful. Little do they know, they’re dead wrong. When you sit down and watch TV, one of the things you probably don’t notice — but would immediately spot if absent — are the songs playing on your favorite shows. Whether it’s Love & Hip-Hop, The Walking Dead, or even Keeping Up With The Kardashians; background music tends set the tone for each scene, creating a vibe that wouldn’t otherwise be noticed with just the visuals. But what happens when the “background music” is actually fire? Enter in R&B singer Jared KF Jones and his catchy hit, “Turn Up The World“.

Having already appeared on some of the most popular shows on TV such as The Game, Days of our Lives and 90210; Jones seems to have perfected the craft of mood music. Utilizing heavy bass kicks and bumble gum synths, Jones effortlessly skates through the beat with soft cresendos draped in autotune. With a hit like this coupled with placements on some of the hottest shows on television, there’s no doubt that the Massachusetts native will be dominating the airwaves soon.

Check out the catchy new joint below.

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