Get to Know LA Rapper dylAn

Just as unique as he is talented this upcoming California-based rapper, dyIAn is truly a fresh and new talent that you should definitely get to know.

1234 Creations and clothing brand, MSFTS are just some of the people backing this unorthodox new age artist who is already making big waves with his sound. Along the way with help from producer, Daniel D’artiste, dylAn’s first song “Moon In My Room”  ended up in the hands of Willow Smith who took to feature on the song and eventually boosted dylAn forward.

Moving forward, dylAn is working on his upcoming full release, Kids Keep Secrets. But in the meantime, we have a new track from him to check out. “Lemons” is a track that tackles the issues of artist anxiety and is produced by Wonderlust Beats and Daniel D’artiste; making this track the perfect while Miles Cables brings the vibes to life with his work behind the lens.

Tell us what you think of this artist and the visual for “Lemons.”

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