‘The Flash’ Recap: “Into The Speedforce”


On the latest episode of ‘The FlashBarry headed back into the speedforce alone in hopes of saving Wally. Cisco and the team created an anchor and bio tracker in order to monitor Barry while he was in the speedforce but the anchor didn’t last long. Shortly after Cisco opened the breech and allowed Barry to enter the speedforce, Barry ran into Eddie Thawne.

The speedforce was using Eddie and other versions of Barry’s past and present friends in order to teach him a lesson. The first was that they let Barry create Flashpoint and now he has to deal with the consequences. This is also why they will not allow Barry to take Wally out of the speedforce. They feel Wally made the choice to become Kid Flash and must therefore deal with the consequences of that choice.

Barry of course was having none of that and had to escape a Time Wraith in order to get to the prison where Wally was being held. As he made his way to Wally Barry ran into Caitlin with a baby. Moments later he was greeted by Ronnie. Another ploy to show Barry how his choices effect those around him. Barry still refused to give up on Wally and had to face off with Black Flash in order to get to Wally. Unfortunately the only way Barry could defeat Black Flash was to use his anchor as a weapon and eliminate him.

After making it through round 2 of obstacles Barry finally reached Wally. Unfortunately before he could get to him he was met by none other than Captain Cold. Putting another person who sacrificed themselves for or because of Barry, in Barry’s path once again. Captain Cold informed Barry that Wally is reliving his mother’s death over and over again. All Barry wanted to do was trade places with Wally so he gives up fighting. The speedforce was having none of that and had Captain Cold almost kill Barry in hopes of getting him to get up and fight. Luckily Cisco called Jay Garrick (Earth 3 Flash) in for back up and he saves Barry before he can be eliminated.

Barry then returns the favor when Captain Cold attempts to kill Jay for interfering. Barry then rescues Wally and Jay stayed behind in Wally’s place. Jay tells Barry that he is the only one that can defeat Savitar. Barry then promised to get Jay out when he did so. Wally and Barry then return home with the help of Jay’s helmet and learn of Jessie’s run in with Savitar.

Jessie and the team figured out that Savitar’s blade could be used to track his exact location. Jessie then decided to face Savitar on her own and with the help of HR discovered that Savitar is not in fact a god but a man. He is vulnerable under his armor. Savitar also informed Jessie that he has plans for her in the future. This frightened Jessie enough to make her head to Earth 3 in order to avoid her fate and fill in for Jay while he is trapped in the speedforce.

At the close of the episode it seemed like Iris and Barry where going to resolve their issues. However, this was not the case. Barry even asked Iris for some space and went to go stay with Cisco for a while. Will this be the end of their romance?


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