‘The Flash’ Recap: “Attack on Central City”

Central City

The latest episode of The Flash brought and Grodd and his army of psychic gorillas to Central City. Thanks to Gypsy, Grodd was able to create breach and bring his army to The Flash’s stomping grounds. Grodd has only gotten smarter and more evil as time has gone on and that caused a heap of trouble for Team Flash. Luckily they had another speedster, Jessie Quick, to help with alleviating some of the damage.

“Attack on Central City” kicked off with an attack from a mind-controlled Gypsy. The fellow viber attacked Cisco and then Barry at STAR Labs but was temporarily put down by Harrison Wells. They capture Cisco’s love interest and place her in a chamber. When she comes to she is confused as to how she arrived in Central City and why she is there to begin with. The team quickly figures out that she was captured and used by Grodd. Cisco releases Gypsy and then asks her for help in defeating Grodd but she refuses as it “isn’t her fight”.

Jessie and Wally decided to use this moment in time to announce to Wells that Jessie is moving to Earth 1 to be with Wally. Apparently there is no better time than in the midst of a gorilla attack to announce that you are moving. Wells then went on to tell Wally he is dying (“he doesn’t have much time left”). Wally later tells Jessie what her dad said to him and she isn’t buying it and for good reason. He was lying to try and get her to stay home.

Meanwhile, Cisco’s vibe glasses get an upgrade and he can now see deeper into the future. He learns of Grodd’s plans to come across the bridge leading into the center of Central City. Unfortunately Grodd won’t be stopped. He uses Joe to get that message across clearly to Barry. Grodd makes Joe shoot himself in the head, luckily Barry was quick enough to stop the bullet in time. Joe was only grazed. Caitlin then comes up with idea to use Joe’s memories to figure out what Grodd’s next move is. When Grodd uses his psychic abilities he shares his own memories and thoughts with those he is controlling.

The team discovers that Grodd is now controlling a general who is in control of nuclear weapons. Barry then decides he has to kill Grodd. He doesn’t believe there is any other way to defeat as he is always bested by him. Barry believes it is the only way to save Iris but she won’t let him compromise his morals in order to save her life. Wells agrees and tells Barry that killing Grodd is not the answer. He has to find another way.

Together the team discovers a way to defeat Grodd. Barry figures out the 5 digit code (45127) and aborts the launch of nuclear missiles Grodd was trying to implode on Central City. Cisco then heads back to Earth 19 and finally gets Gypsy to help him out. The two head back to Gorilla City and pick up Solovar. They bring him back as Jessie, Barry and Wally are almost defeated by Grodd. Grodd and Solovar face off and Solovar is victorious. However, before Solovar can kill Grodd for betraying him Barry steps in and asks for mercy on Grodd’s behalf. Solovar agrees when Barry tells him that Grodd will be staying in Central City and never return to Gorilla City.

Barry sends Grodd to ARGUS with the help of Lyla Diggle and the gorillas return to Gorilla City.

The episode closes with a Gypsy/Cisco kiss, Jessie moving to Earth 1, Barry proposing to Iris and Wally encountering Savitar.

Other things you may have missed:

  • H.R.’s Friend’s Day celebration (Earth 19’s version of Valentine’s Day)
  • Cisco asking where his love donut
  • Julian being in London catering to family matters


Savitar is in Wally’s mind. He is spying on the team to try and figure out how to escape from where Barry trapped him.


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