‘The Flash’ Recap: “Abra Kadabra”

Abra Kadabra

Abra Kadabra came to Central City looking for some of Earth 1’s technology. Gypsy was not far behind him. In his first act on Earth 1 Abra Kadabra trapped and killed two security guards via drowning, in order to take some of the unused technology.

The Flash quickly caught up to Abra Kadabra after he broke into another tech facility and learned that Abra Kadabra is from the future. When Barry arrived Abra Kadabra knew exactly who he was and knew about the Savitar/Iris situation Barry is facing. Unfortunately Abra Kadabra was able to escape from Barry and Gypsy using a card trick.

Gypsy and Barry return to the lab and there she informs the team that Abra Kadabra uses Nanotechnology to perform his tricks. The team is then able to use their own technology to track Abra Kadabra or so they thought. Kadabra used a hologram to trick The Flash, Kid Flash, Vibe and Gypsy into leaving the lab. He then attacked STAR labs where Caitlin, Julian and Joe were. Luckily Barry was able to get to them in time and put him in handcuffs.

Abra Kadabra then tried to negotiate his release by offering up Savitar’s real name to Barry and the team. He also tells Barry that he does eventually beat Savitar but only after Iris dies. They place Abra Kadabra in a cell and Iris tells Barry that she does not want him to set a murderer free just to save her life. He agrees but Joe has other ideas. He lets Abra Kadabra go and just as he is about to get information on Savitar Gypsy appears and Kadabra takes off after he steals technology from Wells.

Kadabra then blows up a portion of STAR labs and Caitlin got impaled in the crossfire. Caitlin then stayed awake during her surgery to give Julian instructions on how to save her life. The surgery is successful thanks to Julian and a little help from Iris.

During Caitlin’s surgery Gypsy discovered why Abra Kadabra came to this Earth. He is building a time machine and needed Wells power source in order to get back to the future. Once again Vibe, Gypsy, Kid Flash and The Flash team up to capture Abra Kadabra. Barry snagged the villain by phasing through the time machine and taking Kadabra back through with him. Barry then tried to get Kadabra to tell him about Savitar but he refused. He told Barry that they are enemies in the future and have been for a long time. Gypsy then escorted the criminal and man who killed her former partner/lover, to his execution. As for Cisco and Gypsy’s romance… it seems these two won’t be able to work it out.

Unlike Cisco and Gypsy, Julian and Caitlin rekindled their romance after Caitlin’s successful surgery. They even sealed it with a kiss. Unfortunately it is short lived as Caitlin goes into shock and dies. However, Julian in a last attempt to keep his newfound love alive, ripped off Caitlin’s necklace (the only thing keeping her powers at bay) and her body began to regenerate. Killer Frost was then unleashed. The frosty villain fired ice at her friends and escaped from STAR labs.

At the end of the episode Barry decided that he must head back into the future and learn everything he can. That is the only way he can save Iris.


Barry heads back into the future

Killer Frost is running rampant


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