RESPECT. Premiere: DJ Wavy’s “Steal My Wave” is Inquisitive & Smooth

DJ Wavy

DJ Wavy‘s smooth track exudes thoughts of curiosity and confusion as he begins to take notice people he’s surrounded by “stealing his wave.” The instrumental is smoother than oceans and does an excellent job recognizing itself as having this quality; the way Wavy crawls across the beat, balancing sing-song autotune and a much more aggressive flow in the last verse, greatly captures the vibe. The piano dances as Wavy goes on about how his success and ambition are attracting attention from people he’s wary of.

Painting and catering to a vibe has easily been a facet of his skill set that’s been present throughout DJ Wavy’s career, having been renowned at Webster Hall for his sets at “House Party.” There he went toe to toe with elites such as Just Blaze and Funkmaster Flex, and still held his own in the professional sphere. Being able to get a large crowd pumped, while doing so effortlessly in an environment with some of hip-hop’s best, shows itself on “Steal My Wave.”

RESPECT. got a hold of Wavy and asked him questions surrounding his DJ career, his influences outside of music, and motivation.

RESPECT.: What are you afraid of?
DJ Wavy: I’m afraid of not being successful. My family comes from a hard working background. The life I live is sometimes hard for them because this is not a 9-5 type of job. This is a job where you have to hustle and work for yourself, and sometimes could be hard on them. Most parents want to see their child work a 9-5 and go to school.. the life I live is a risk and always has them worried when I’m out working.
RESPECT.: How has DJing made it easier to capture emotion in a song?
DJing made it easer to capture emotion in a song because as a DJ, you have full control to change someone’s emotion. It’s all about knowing how much power and control you have behind the set.
RESPECT.: Who are some non-musical influences?
My biggest influencers is my good friends Kev and Arvin. They both passed away and were, and still are, the people that make me go harder and harder everyday.
RESPECT.: Is “Steal My Wave” based on real people?
Yes, everyone’s always trying to steal my wave. It’s happened more than once and that’s why I ask the question “why you trynna steal my wave?” They usually want to surf and come to their senses when it’s to late.
RESPECT.: Would you ever dabble in performing/creating music of different genres? 
Of course, I’m open to all genres. Music is music! You can learn and get ideas from any type of genre.
RESPECT.: One of the biggest issues with musicians is not having anything creative to say or make, because of a block of lack of motivation. Some have quit their careers entirely, or took elongated pauses because of it. Does, or has, this relate(d) to you? Do you ever see yourself losing passion in music?
I can’t relate to not being motivated. Motivation and my love for music is the reason I’m here today. 
RESPECT.: DJing exposes you to a lot of different music, and different perspectives, styles, etc. Have you ever found your creativity blocked or overshadowed because of this?
Never did I feel some sort of block because I love music. I could listen to any type of genre and learn from it.
RESPECT.: Was DJing a hobby prior to it becoming a career path?
At first it was. I used to want to DJ every party for free just to get better until I realized how much DJ equipment and my talents cost. Then I had to start charging some quick change.

This is DJ Wavy’s first single off his upcoming debut EP, set to be released on Brenmar’s High End Times label. You can keep up with him on Twitter and Instagram.

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