Commander Steel Returns – ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap: “Moonshot”

Commander Steel

The Legends were finally able to locate Commander Steel in the latest installment of ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’. The episode kicked off in Manhattan, NY 1965 where Rip left Commander Steel and the last remaining fragment of the spear of destiny. Henry Heywood (Commander Steel/Nate’s Grandpa) had to leave his wife and son behind in order to complete this mission and save the fate of the world. The remainder of the episode took place in 1970 at NASA Headquarters and in space.

1970 NASA Headquarters

The Legends locate Commander Steel and aren’t greeted with the warmest welcome. Especially Rip who took a left hook to the face. However, the Commander settled down once Amaya informed him of the death of Dr. Midnight and her visit with Stargirl. Commander Steel then informs the team that he hid the fragment in the flag pole Neil Armstrong left on the moon.

Unfortunately for The Legends, Eobart Thawne was already in route to the flag pole as he infiltrated the Apollo 13 mission. Thawne knocked out his fellow astronauts in order to change course and make his way to the flag pole. This forced Martin, Jax and Mick to go undercover as British flight pilots while the rest of the team and Commander Steel headed into space to take back Apollo 13 and stop Thawne.

1970 SPACE

On the Waverider Nate got Henry to open up about his disdain toward Rip. He was angry that Rip forced him to leave his family while Rip got to keep his. Nate informed his grandfather that Rip’s family was in fact killed. Commander Steel then gets the idea to head back to his time period and reunite with his family after the spear fragment is located, therefore making his mission complete. Nate encouraged the idea even though he knew it could alter the timeline and create an aberration.

Sarah then sent Ray (as The Atom) on to Apollo 13 to stop Thawne. Ray has no stealth and was immediately spotted by Thawne and the two fight. Luckily for Ray Thawne didn’t have superspeed as there was no gravity. During their tussle Ray hit a button that dislodged the limb from the command module and forced Ray to crash land on the moon.

1970 NASA Headquarters

Back at headquarters Martin and Mick were tasked with creating a distraction so that Jax could disconnect the mission feed to Apollo 13. Martin took the opportunity to grace us with his rendition of Day O (The Banana Boat Song) by Harry Belafonte. It worked and added some great comic-relief for the episode.

1970 SPACE

Ray retrieved the fragment after trotting on the moon and was informed by Sarah that they don’t have the power to pick him up. He needed to get the limb moving in order for the team to intercept them with the command module. Unfortunately for Ray this wasn’t a one man job and he was forced to team up with Thawne in order to get back home. Thawne then opened up to his fellow scientist and told Ray that he wants the spear in order to live.

While those two were figuring out how to work together, Amaya informed Commander Steel about the consequences of returning to his timeline and basically threw Nate under the bus for not fully informing his grandfather of those consequences. In retaliation Nate tells Amaya about her future and her granddaughter.

Shortly after this conversation Ray and Thawne are reconnected with the command module and make their way to the Waverider. However, The Legends would once again need Thawne’s help. He told the team that they need to reenter the atmosphere at 38 degrees in order to successfully get back home. Unfortunately Commander Steel had to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to get the Waverider at that angle. The Commander had to open the cargo bay and once it was opened it he was sucked into the atmosphere.

1970 NASA Headquarters

The Legends and Apollo 13 return to Earth safely. Thawne phased through the brig he was being held captive in and made a quick escape before Black Flash could find him.

Timeship Inside the Vortex

The Legends then all jump aboard the timeship and Rip told Sarah that she is a much better captain then he ever was. Poor Rip is still trying to find his place on the Waverider now that he is no longer captain.

Amaya then asked Gideon to show her future to her. She learns of the future of her village and gots to see what her granddaughter looks like.


The crew runs into Captain Cold and heads back to World War I.


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