Adrian Chase’s True Identity Revealed – ‘Arrow’ Recap: “Checkmate”


Adrian continued to play mind games with Oliver in the latest episode of ‘Arrow’. We didn’t realize just how deep Adrian’s game was until Oliver traveled to a monastery to find Talia Al Ghul. Turns out that Talia trained Prometheus and knew that he was going to come for Oliver. Talia then revealed to Oliver that her last name is Al Ghul and that Raj Al Ghul was her father. She only trained Prometheus because Oliver killed her father. Talia then informed Oliver that Prometheus is Adrian Chase.

Oliver quickly returned to Star City only to discover that Adrian had taken Susan Williams hostage. He then informed the team about Adrian being Prometheus and taking Susan hostage. Oliver and Spartan checked Chase’s home and The Green Arrow was greeted by SCPD courtesy of Adrian. Oliver used a smoke bomb to escape and when he returned to the arrowcave Felicity finally made an appearance after being M.I.A.

Felicity was at Helix headquarters the whole time. Oliver pulled Felicity aside to tell her that he is worried about her. He knows that she is into something but she won’t tell him what she is doing…yet. However, Felicity’s connections came in handy once again and she was able to figure out Adrian’s real name; Simon Morrison. Oliver then gave that information to Captain Pike in hopes of getting Adrian arrested or at least removed from his position as D.A. but that backfired horribly.

Pike was attacked in an alley way by Adrian and is now in a coma. Of course Adrian was there by his side at the hospital. Adrian then told Oliver that if he kills him not only does he kill Susan but he also kills himself. He knows Oliver can’t handle another loss. Oliver headed back to the arrowcave after his chat with Adrian and proceeded to take out his rage on his suit and all his weapons.

In order to get a location on Susan Felicity had to redirect boarder control drones for Helix. She couldn’t do it alone so she enlisted Curtis’s help. He now knows what she is up to and isn’t pleased with the decisions she is making.

Luckily the team was able to use that information to find Susan and Oliver decided the only way to beat Adrian is to play his game. Rule #1, never try to beat a psychopath at their own game. They will always find a way to turn the tables on you. This was the exact case for Oliver. He thought bringing Adrian’s wife to see him as Prometheus would make him stop. Unfortunately for Doris Chase and Oliver that wasn’t the case. Adrian stabbed and killed his own wife to make a point.

This enraged Oliver and caused the two to get into a fist fight. Oliver was even willing to kill Adrian but before he got the chance Talia shot him in the leg with an arrow. The two then took Oliver hostage. Felicity once again had to use her Helix contacts in hopes of finding Oliver. Adrian began torturing Oliver toward the end of the episode as he wants Oliver to discover who he really is.


Only confessing to being The Green Arrow will set Oliver free


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