RESPECT. Interview: ‘First Family of Hip Hop’ — Leland Jr.

Leland Jr.

We continue again with this week’s interview with the cast of Bravo‘s First Family of Hip Hop, now with answers from Leland Jr.

The first question answered was about the history of the family and if that is his focus rather than the present or the future. He replied that, “I will always explore the history but I’m more about the here and now. I’m always looking forward to the future not the past”. We also asked if there were any outside inspirations he looked to that may have affected his opinions on how the label should be run. He answered in support of his family values, saying that, “There no inspirations I look for outside of us. I want to do my own thing and follow my own path to greatness. I want to be like me and no one else”.

When we asked what the most difficult part of filming was, Leland Jr. replied that, “It probably was getting used to the cameras following me around and repeating myself,” which is very understandable. In addition to asking about the difficulties the series may have caused, we also asked if the series made him change anything about his convictions, such as if they made his assertions stronger or made him reevaluate anything in his plans. He answered, “It definitely made me reevaluate some of my plans. It actually made me want to get them done faster”.

The next question was about the label, in that we wondered what effect the series might have in getting attention to it. “It can definitely help us find more talent out there,” was his reply. For our final two questions, we first asked if there was anything in the series that he maybe didn’t want to make it on film, to which he said, “No not at all. Whatever I said or did on the show is me. I’m only human”. Finally, we asked if the series turned out to be more of a family bonding experience or a test of patience, to which he said, “It was a bonding experience. The filming process got most of us back together again and now everyone knows how everyone feels about each other”.

Be sure to check out previous answers from the cast. You can catch up with First Family of Hip Hop on Bravo.


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