Power is So Rich Because Money Is Power


As my eyes has been opened to new concepts and ideas, I have grown to learn how these concepts and ideas unfold and expand. A concept I have been exposed to is money and how it goes hand in hand with power. In reality, money is just a piece of paper. The authority, and everyone else, put meaning to the piece of paper and has caused too much controversy. It is easy to say that if we did not give money so much attention, it would not mean anything. Opposed to that, in many societies in America, money means everything. The American Dream equals money and money equals power.
There has been an abundance of exposure of money being power through the media. Just to point a couple out, I will start with the difference between upper class and lower/middle class. In this case, celebrities will represent the upper class being that we see them in he media the most. One example is how there are celebrities who are not criticized for the clothes they choose to wear; yet a lower/middle class person could not wear the same items in peace. When celebrities show off their bodies they are excused and are categorized as being confident.

In a couple months a regular, shmegular business man from Celebrity Apprentice will be flown in office to run this good ‘ol country called America. If everyone is not aware, the president-elect of the United States Donald Trump was the host of Celebrity Apprentice for fourteen seasons. The Trump Organization, LLC has expanded over the years. Trump’s companies consist of real estate, hotels, casinos, and golf courses. That’s right, Donald Trump do not have any experience in the political field, but his money has brought him power.

We can only place the blame on American for how money is power; the people put the connotation onto money. Some of the best advice we have received through the media is, “always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper” (thanks Bey). Money may not buy happiness, but financial stability is comforting.


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