Travis Scott Kicks DJ Off of Stage at Montreal Nightclub

Travis Scott

Travis Scott was frustrated to say the least after he kicked the DJ working his set off the stage while he was preforming at New City Gas Nightclub in Montreal for repeatedly killing his set vibes on December 30th.

Footage of Travis Scott that was posted to Youtube shows the Texas-born rapper talking about the DJ who was horribly mixing his set at the Montreal show by saying  “Just play a song you f*****g moron”, followed by “The worst DJ in Montreal is right there on stage yo. The best rapper in the world is on stage right now though.”

To make matters worse, the DJ then shames himself even more by triggering the wrong button and ruined the beat while Travis is preforming his hit song, Pick up The Phone. At this point Travis is passed the point of fed-up and says “Just get off the stage, please. Yo, this f*****g trash a** DJ is f*****g up everything I’m doing right now man and it’s p*****g me off.”

Finally, the DJ takes an exit from the stage while Scott was preforming Goosebumps so he took on the role of mixing for himself and got behind the decks and proved he really didn’t need him anyways.

Travis went solo while popping off to Antidote, which ended up being the smoothest played song of the entire set. The DJ made a return and came back on stage towards the end of the song, making for another pause in the show and Travis scratched the disk while screaming “Montreal!” into the mic and closed his set.

Scott tweeted out to his Monteal fans “Will be back soon. Love”,  expectantly with a new DJ.

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