Serena Williams Brings the Moves in New Berlei Sports Bra Ad Campaign


Is there anything this girl can’t do? One might would wonder with Serena Williams. If she’s not dominating the Tennis World, she’s busting out killer dance moves in videos. Serena was first seen dancing in Beyonce‘s “Sorry” video, which probably took her fan base by surprise; two months later, she was showing us how to twerk it out in the August issue of SELF.

Now, Serena is back and in full formation in her latest commercial ad for Australian company Berlei, who markets intimate apparel for women. The company just launched its new sports bra collection, and who better to work it out than Serena Williams. Williams is an ambassador of the company and can be seen putting the bra to the ultimate test in the video ad. While tennis is a tough and competitive sport, Williams has used dancing as a way of letting her hair down and being herself as she noted on her Instagram page:

Sometimes we are all so serious and we forget to have fun – and I know that’s me a lot of the time, but it’s so important to have passions in your life that are just for you. I’m so disciplined every day with my training, but when I dance it’s about letting myself go. What do you do for you?

Per media site People, the tennis champion could be seen walking into a room just being Serena- no cameras, no reporters, no tennis balls, no opponents or nets. You can check out the video below and see a fun and carefree side of Serena as she dances to the tune of Billy Idol‘s “Dancing with Myself”

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