RESPECT. Speaks with DJ Stacy EJ About Being Mentored By DJ Trixter & DJ Sicari


RESPECT. spoke with a very talented DJ by the name of “DJ Stacy EJ” who has opened up for artists like Ab- Soul and Curren$y. She has been mentored by DJ Trixter and DJ Sicari at the beginning of her career. DJ Stacy EJ talked about the Detriot music scene and growing up listening to legendary artists like Aretha Franklin, MC BreedEminem, and Motown to name a few. She even talks about what the landscape of the Detroit music is currently today and where she sees her career heading into the next couple of years.

As the CEO of “Liquid Flow Media Arts Center” and the unanimous leader of the infamous “Liquid Flow DJs,” this classy, fun loving, young woman has already established herself as a great hitter in the game.  Stacyé J has already set out a program for other young female DJs to follow, which is a reason why her recruits are some of the best doing it already. This provides a platform for aspiring DJs to get a start in the business also allotted them to possibly open up their own businesses to do the same.


RESPECT.: What was it like growing up in Detroit, Michigan as a young aspiring DJ?

Growing up in Detroit is like your into music or into cars.  The musical history of Detroit is legendary from Aretha Franklin to everyone in Motown, MC Breed, Eminem, Aaliyah, J Dilla, Dej Loaf, Big Sean, Royce Da 5’9, this list can keep going.  Then you’ve got  Techno, and as a kid listening to the midday mix, lunchtime mix, and rush hour mixes on the radio was my favorite because the DJs would play jit and booty mixes (ghetto techno) I didn’t know that was a part of techno then but I just knew I loved it and it got me and everyone around me hype.  As I got older and learned the roles of a DJ mixing, scratching, and just keeping the party going and that’s when I knew I wanted to be a DJ.

RESPECT.: You have open for Heavy Hitters like Ab-Soul and Curren$y. Can you describe that experience for you?

Intimidatingly amazing.  I’m usually DJing a set for Detroit Che or Bevlove but the fact that these two artists trust me to get the crowd ready for them is an amazing feeling.  The energy you get from the crowd when they’re rocking with you is hard to describe in words its something you have to experience to understand how it feels. It’s only intimidating when you realize 98% of the people in the crowd aren’t here for you, they’re ready for the headliner and we have to give them a good reason to like, listen, and follow.

RESPECT.: How have individuals like DJ Trixter and DJ Sicari helped your career as a DJ?

DJ Trixter and Sicari both mentored me and showed me the basics of turntablism, mixing scratching, beat juggling, everything.  They took my ambition seriously saw my potential and challenged me.  They’re both old school DJs and wanted me to really know turntablism.  Both Sicari and Trixter used to lower my computer so I couldn’t see what I was doing and made me learn by ear.  Then Piper Carter came thru and told me, never asked, that I was going to be the opening DJ for “The Foundation Celebrating Women in Hip Hop”.  If it wasn’t for DJ Trixter, DJ Sicari, Piper Carter and Ms. Smiley I would just be DJing as a hobby.

RESPECT.: How did you come up with the concept of “Liquid Flow Media Arts Center?”

The concept came about after so many young artists started popping up at the studio to learn, network, or just have someplace to be.  We realized that we really didn’t have a place in the city for the young artist so we created on.

RESPECT.: Where do you see, your career headed in the next two years?

Touring and hopefully overseas.

RESPECT.: Who are some artists that you would like to work with?

DJ Lady Style, DJ Trayze, Solange, Badu, DJ Spinderella those are artists I feel I can really learn from.

RESPECT.: Where do you see the music, industry headed are you a fan of the mumble rappers or real lyricists?

I’m a fan of it all actually and think it’s kind of necessary and they balance out each other.

RESPECT.: What are your thoughts on the Detroit wave and do you think that it will ever receive the spot it truly deserves?

It feels good to see folks finally catching the wave.  Detroit Hip Hop is thriving overseas and folks at home are just now beginning to appreciate what has already been known by the tastemakers in the city.  We have a strong Underground scene here that’s beginning to push thru the surface.  I’m just really excited to see it grow and watch how far it goes.

RESPECT.: If you could recommend any artists out of Detroit to be signed to a major record deal who would be and why?

This one kinda of tough because there are so many artists I want to see on a bigger platform.

Detroit Che-  Her diversity sets her apart with how she creates her material with such a powerful messages and can destroy you lyrically and flawlessly. She also has the ability to switch up her flow mid-verse, and then drop a track that’ll get folks on the dance floor.

Bevlove-  Is one of the best vocalists I’ve ever seen live.  Her tracklist is full of love, heartbreak, lady anthems, and party starters.  Whenever she performs she puts on a concert for the audience, whether it’s with a live band, dancers or just even acapella. She provides more than just a show its an experience.

Jaye Prime- I fell in love with Jaye the first time I saw her perform at an open mic. You literally get lost in the production of her music and feel the emotion she puts into each song.  Her vocals are raw and her production is the cherry on top.  She has everything.

Chavis Chandler- Is a lyrical monster with smooth vocals.  With each project, he drops you can hear his growth and every project he drops you can play straight through without skipping a beat.

Dope Div-  Is a young group that makes music with the feel of the early 90s.  Amazing live performers that really engages with the crowd. I feel that they are always creating timeless singles.

Nolan The Ninja- Brings the boom-bap feel.  Stays true to the origins of Hip-Hop both lyrically and production wise.  A true artist that has earned the respect of many Detroit heavy hitting pioneers.

Richy Marchiano- is an amazing storyteller.  Listening to his music you can relate and feel like you grow on the east side with him.

Brittany Stoney-  An artists that leave you wanting more.  Whether is an acoustic performance or a self-produced track, she gives her all and always leaves you wanting more of the greatness she gives.

Malcolm Elliot- A brilliant young sax player with amazing talents beyond his generation. His delivery is poetic and he tells a story within each verse.

I am proud to know so many talents individuals!


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