RESPECT. Interview: Animated Rebels Talks New Single, Group Back Story and More

Animated Rebels consists of gospel singers, Corey Jarell and Marsune Roe, who are really starting to make noise on the Billboard charts and are currently ranked number one on Reverb Nation (locally and regionally).  On top of that, they were able to organically build their fan bases on Reverb Nation and Twitter to over 38K respectfully.
But before they formed this powerful combination they both came from different backgrounds. For instance, Corey worked with Grammy Award Winning engineer, Darius “Deezle” Harrison, toured with Machine Gun Kelly, worked with J. Cole and was personally mentored by Will.I.Am. After having a lucrative career with a successful international pop duo that toured around the world, he knew that there had to be more to life than money, sex and fame. Which led him to turn to the house of Christ. As for Marsune, early in the game he performed and toured locally as a solo Christian artist.  Then he affiliated himself with a clique called Faith Gang which permitted Marsune to tour nationally and be given the chance to share the stage with major Gospel/Christian heavy hitters such as Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, Kiki Sheard, KB, Derek Minor, Canon, Marvin Sapp, Bizzle and so many others.
RESPECT. had the opportunity to catch up with Corey Jarell and Marsune Roe recently to discuss their latest single release  “Liar Remix” featuring Faith Gang, what is message they are trying to deliver to the public, and the story behind their name “Animated Rebels.” Read the interview below!

RESPECT.: When was the first time you were exposed to any genre of music as young adolescent?

Marsune: Michael Jackson was the first artist I was exposed to and the Bad album is what really made me fall in love with music as a whole and his music wasn’t just stuck to one particular genre and that’s a reflection of our music today.

Corey Jarell: My mom and My Uncle had a group Called Kingdom they had so pretty big success as well and they would be so loud in our house, the band, background singers you name and I was just so driven to the sounds and the Caicos that it came with and eventually down the road I would began to do the same thing

RESPECT.: Can you take us through the creation process of your project ‘People Album?’

Animated Rebels: The first song off the album we weren’t even a group yet it wasn’t til after a couple songs were done and people were saying we work well together.  Then we decided to make a project… At the beginning, we were just on a creative high and the thought of forming a group never really crossed our minds, but usually I would come up with a melody or Sune would have a concept and we just connect the dots pretty simple and organic.

RESPECT.: How did you come up with your stage name of “Animated Rebels” and is there a backstory?

Animated Rebels: Our Name Was N3W and we were in a studio session with The G.R.I.T.S In Nashville and as we were playing our tracks everyone agreed our music was too innovative for the name we had, and we wanted to come up with a name that best describe us as individuals and our music….

RESPECT.: When you are making music, what is the message you want the public to connect with?

Marsune: That our music doesn’t have to be dumb down just because of our walk with Christ, we are true artist and set ourselves apart from our peers.

Corey: Think outside the box, allow the music you create to come straight from the heart and other will feel the pain, blood, sweat and tears your pure out everything you get in front of that mic


RESPECT.: Can you tell us your inspiration for your new single “Liar Remix” featuring Faith Gang?

Animated Rebels: Its really simple the devil is the author of confusion and he’s a freaking LIAR, he still and he kills and he destroys and we want to make that declaration to the world so if you don’t know now you know who behind the stupidity


RESPECT.: Why did you decide to give the song away as a free download instead of uploading it to Spotify and collecting the stream revenue?

Animated Rebels: “Liar” & “Church House” were two songs we wanted to give out to our loyal fans and new fans just to keep them on their toes we like to keep them excited and wanting more…… we call them Rebels snacks

RESPECT.: Being that you are based out of Columbus, OH did any of you attend Ohio State?

Animated Rebels: Nope! Great School but nope never happened… (Corey) I’m actually born and raised in Connecticut so I’m a Huskies fan all day and Sune well lets just say he won’t be screaming O- H- I -O any time soon if you get my drift lol

RESPECT.: Corey what was something that “Will.I.Am” has passed on to you and you will cherish as an artist?

Corey: The first thing he said to me was that I reminded him of someone he once knew and then said oh yea myself(Chuckles) He told Be to continue being a risk taker and in everything I do I want to stand out and be different it’s like when people all want the jays well then I want dr martens I carry all that with me everywhere and in everything I do be the red dots among white ones

RESPECT.: Marsune Roe when you opened up for Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, and Kiki Sheard what were somethings that they passed on to you as an artist?

Marsune: To Up hold a standard and to really live what your singing/rapping about and being thankful for the position and opportunity to share what Christ has instilled in you.

RESPECT.: What can the public expect from “Animated Rebels” in the first quarter of 2017?

Animated Rebels: You can expect your favorite Rebels to be everywhere, we are taking a stand and making our mark, by the end of 2017 all your hear about us is I told you so and I knew it lol Dat Way…….Just Watch and You’ll See BOTLO(Be, On, The, Look, Out!!!!!

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