Penny Hardaway & Charles Oakley’s Bottom Line Sports Show Making Waves On Sirius XM NBA Radio


Saturday and Sunday’s are locked and loaded with the success of Sirius XM’s Bottom Line Sports Show.

Heard worldwide on Sirius XM’s NBA Radio, the show literally marries the world of athletes and their fans. It also helps that it has the creative producing genius of NBA legends Charles Oakley and Anfernee ‘Penny’ Hardaway.

Hosted by Gerald Brown and Howard ‘Howie C’ Cowart, the show is more of a steady conversation without the nuts and bolts and nitty gritty. Deion Sanders, Damian Lillard, Chris Paul, Scottie Pippen and Nas are notable guests on the shows platform.

“They’re very knowledgable and they speak the truth,” Penny Hardaway told me. “They don’t try to hammer anybody and gauge guys and make guys feel like less than what they are. It’s barbershop talk for real.”

“Our show is not scripted,” said show host Howard ‘Howie C’ Cowart.

“We’re the everyday fan.”

Check Out Gerald Brown and Howie C From The Bottom Line Sports Show Checking In On Scoop B Radio 

Although Bottom Line Sports Show has the backing of Oakley and Hardaway, its early days did not begin with the amenities of Sirius XM Radio. In fact, it began in the basement of Gerald Brown’s northern New Jersey home. It also helps that Brown had viable connections going in. A former Knicks ball boy, he drew from his rolodex and began booking solid guests.

Brown felt the need to start the show because of the disconnect he notices between athletes and journalists. “We started asking questions that we as fans wanted to know as opposed to the mundane questions from journalists,” Brown said on a recent episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

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