MadeinTYO Joins Uber Boycott

madeintyo protests uber

Atlanta rapper MadeinTYO—best known for his song “Uber Everywhere” that went viral—has joined in the boycott against using Uber as a travel service, according to Complex.

As of Sunday afternoon, the tag “DeleteUber” started to trend as many who are protesting the Muslim ban executive order have also found reason to protest Uber. The ban states that refugees would not be allowed in the country for 120 days and banned immigrants and visa holders arriving from 7 (majority Muslim) countries. At the JFK protest which arose from this order, Uber continued to run its service even after the New York Taxi Workers Alliance announced that they would not service the airports in solidarity with the refugees and travelers who were being detained at the airports. Their official statement can be seen below.

Uber instead released a tweet on Twitter that gave the impression it would be trying to make a profit off of the situation by altering prices in the service’s favor. MadeinTYO did not like this and tweeted his own opinions, saying that “usta uber a lot , not no moeeee” and “2017: @lyft everywhere”. His label Private Club Records, also tweeted “deleteuber”. The service Lyft has released a statement that they will be donating $1 million to ACLU, the association that brought the order to court and where a federal judge put a stay on the ban.

While more services will no doubt be supported or boycotted if things remain in a turmoil, we know where the two driving services stand in the eye of the public.

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