Kim and King Los’ “Block 4” is a Cannonade of Bars & Flows


Kim opens the track and litters it with intense alliteration and rhyming schemes fit for a Genius transcription. “Block 4” and his previous single, “Let Me Pray,” come together uniquely as the two styles of rapping make Kim’s versatility very transparent; whereas “Let Me Pray” features a transition from rapping into singing, “Block 4” is essentially a recorded cypher, with relentlessness in the air as he and King Los deliver bars that could very well continue without end.

A repetition of the words “What you all on my Block for (4)” ends with a transition into King Los’ voracious succession of lyrics detailing his successes and abilities- a treat common to Los’ repertoire, having showcased his freestyling and lyrical talent on many different occasions. Every bar the duo spits ostensibly slides off their tongues slippery smooth, which compliments the similarly tinted beat which they’ve chosen for their showcase.

Kim has already left his mark in the music world, and has shown no intent to stop early. Artists like T.I. and Trae The Truth have vocalized their admiration for the Orlando rapper when he came through with his song/visual “Ali,” which paid homage to the renowned and recently deceased Muhammad Ali.

Kim’s intent on dropping the Seeking Forever EP sometime in February, which will feature “Let Me Pray,” “Block 4,” and “Ali.” Keep in touch with Kim via his Twitter and Soundcloud pages.


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