Iiiso Shows his True Colors on New Tracks [LISTEN]


Meet a up and coming artist who is bending the rules and raising the bar all at once. Iiiso is a mysterious and talented R&B/Hip-Hop artist that brings a fresh and smooth sound to the industry out of Vancouver, Washington.

Gho$tlord aka Iiiso is a new school type of artist that is taking the industry by storm and breaking boundaries. Iiiso has a long list of music scattered across the internet and even has a published children’s book; one big accomplishment that many upcoming hip-hop artists cannot say they have.  Ghostlord is a stand out and this is someone I highly recommend you keep an eye for throughout the year.  In the meantime check out two videos from Iiiso: “Trip”  & “Leather Gold” and take a listen to Iiiso’s full project True Colors.


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