Her Favorite’s ‘Round the Way Girl’ – Ms. Hunter


                                                   Photo by: Ro.Lexx

Los Angeles own, Charamon Hunter is a mother first and then a one woman business who’s brand is a genuine representation of herself. Ms. Hunter is excelling through a brand that cater’s to that “round the way girl.” The girl who would rather be cozy and fresh in a pair of sneakers, rather than rocking a pair of heels.

Ms. Hunter’s LA based brand, Her Favorite started back in 2009 and was only a hand made accessories line. Eventually, Hunter realized boutiques weren’t giving many options to your everyday urban-wear girl.

“I saw that there was an organic void in the boutique world for the everyday sporty girls. The girls that if she had a choice would wear tennis shoes over heels. The girls comfortable with being comfortable, the ’round the way girls. So me being that type of girl myself I chose to do what came naturally to me and offer it to the world. I believe that there is longevity when being authentic with yourself so that’s the lane I chose to stick with.”

With Ms. Hunter staying true to herself and what she loves, she has had much success with Her Favorite, from her relax-fit tees, Flight School Bomber Jackets, rompers/jumpers and much more.

Ms. Hunter has always had an eye for fashion, but wasn’t sure on what she wanted to do in that field. She first attended Downtown Business Magnet FCC Fashion School in Los Angeles and then transferred to a performing arts school her Sophomore year.  She was able to obtain connections and relationships in different industries, such as music and entertainment. These connections allowing her some assistance in the fashion world.  Now she stands alone with her own brand, giving us cozy ’round the way girls’ a look that fits us and we feel confident in from head to toe.

Hunter’s a prime example of a woman representing the millennial generation. Giving us fashion and looks that fit with similar millennial role models such as Aleali May, Vashtie, Rox Brown and many more.  There’s also a few fashion moguls she’d love to collab with.

“If I had to choose 3 brands or designers to  collab with I’d say Melody Ehsani, Vashtie and director, Melina Matsoukas. These are 3 women who inspire me, but in 3 totally different ways. There are also so many upcoming brands and designers who’s work and work ethic that I love as well. I’d also like to collab with some of them in the future as I have in my past years.”


                                                               Photo by: Ro.Lexx

Like anyone who loves fashion Ms. hunter has her must have picks for her everyday style.

“Top 5 must have sneakers in my collection are a pair of white high top converse. Black Nylon Nike Cortez, Bred Jordan 1’s, my Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers and still my Ricardo Tisci Air Force 1’s. My top 5 clothing pieces would be would be a fitted LA Dodgers Hat, Vintage Levis Denim jacket, APC raw denim jeans, a nicely cut everyday t-shirt and of course any dope coat. I love outerwear.”

Ms. Hunter’s style isn’t only shown through Her Favorite, but on her social media where her aesthetics are shown so effortlessly from streetwear to classy chic. You’ll also see her talented son, who may be the freshest kid in LA.


                                                                     Photo by: Ro.Lexx

Before the Her Favorite Brand, comes her son, Chip. It’s breakfast and getting ready for school before Ms. Hunter starts her business involving orders, emails and items for the brand.

“On those special days when I let him dress himself, making sure he didn’t get too creative and put on his Michael Jackson sequined glove.  My son really is my first priority during the day, the business side comes next than myself last.”

Family is the most important aspect in Ms. hunter’s life. They are who keep her sane and the reason why she works as hard as she does now.

The South Central beauty  gives sporty women the support and confidence to be truly comfortable in the skin they’re. Giving cozy chic looks to the urban-streetwear ladies that feel and look amazing in just that. She’s a one woman machine, which shows much determination and eagerness in her work ethic. It’s important to continue to inspire in this tech-savy, and constantly evolving generation. We continue building and creating brands from the ground up that reach and inspire people on so many different levels. Also, as women it’s important to have the mindset of women like Ms. Hunter, continuing her path, follow her dreams and making mistakes that can be fixed through out the journey. Her style is representation of herself, organically Charamon Hunter, “the ’round the way girl.”

Check out Hunter’s boutique HerFavoriteLa.com


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