Cardi B Talks New Mixtape & Adjusting to Fame with The Breakfast Club [Watch]

2017 is off to a great start for Love & Hip Hop star Cardi B, who has officially evolved from an Instagram personality to an all around artist.

After the successful release of her debut mixtape, Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1, Cardi is back with the follow-up Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2 and decided to stop by The Breakfast Club to discuss it and how she’s adjusting to her new found fame.

“I’m not completely adjusted yet because you gotta have ‘thick skin’ and I’m not there yet, I’m still tender,” Cardi said. “I’m proud of myself because a lot of times people want to make me feel like it’s not enough and I make myself feel that way too. Then I look at it like, ‘I’m buggin’, I was just in the strip club not too long ago.”

As if dropping a new mixtape wasn’t enough, Cardi is saying goodbye to Love & Hip Hop and hello to joining the cast of BET’s hit show Being Mary Jane.

According to TV Line, Cardi will guest star on one episode of season four, where she will play a “round-the-way beauty with a big weave, big boobs and a big booty to match her oversized, ratchet personality” named Mercedes.

“My character is somewhat like me. She is a spoiled, rich, ‘hood girl,” she laughed. “I see myself in her because she is a little bossy.”

When asked why she finally decided it was time to leave, Cardi revealed scheduling conflicts played a major factor in her decision.

“Honestly, I have been so busy over the past year that I don’t even have time to film,” Cardi said. “I don’t think it’s fair for me to be getting paid or be included on something that I can’t actually participate in, so I decided it was time to leave.”

Though many judge Cardi B for her loud, “ratchet” persona, her stance on feminism and ability to fully embrace her sexuality has certainly won over millions. In an interview with Latina magazine, Cardi explains her stance on feminism.

“A lot of women of color are tired of feeling like we’re second, feeling unloved. When I worked in the club, I always used to hear women of color, sometimes myself, saying that the lighter girls are preferred. It makes you think to yourself, do I really like myself? I don’t want women to feel that way, like, in order to be liked or more loved you have to be lighter.”

Check out the interview below and buy your copy of Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 2 via iTunes here.


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