Tuki Carter’s Mellow “Get High” Freestyle

Tuki Carter

Tuki Carter of Taylor Gang dropped a new addition to his Tuki Toker mixtape, set to drop December 9th. The track, as well as the overall artistry of Tuki, has the same type of vibe haloing his music as the rest of the artists on his label: stoner appreciation.

The freestyle at hand shows his ability to balance his preferred recreation with the art of hip-hop, and does so over an insanely smooth beat which facilitates the listener’s chances of kicking it with this track playing in the background.

Throughout the video, he’s seen rapping & rolling up in the mirror over an instrumental that sounds eerily similar to “NaNa” by Chance the Rapper and Action Bronson, and by extension “Sucka N*gga” by A Tribe Called Quest; both have this wonky, quirky setup of bass in the back that the rapper performing seems to glide over with no hindrances. The hook’s sing songy nature is reminiscent of earlier Cudi tracks.

Keep up with Tuki via Instagram & Twitter, and be on the lookout for Tuki Toker.

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