T.I. and Tiny Are Reportedly Getting Divorced


T.I. and Tiny are headed for splits-ville, and it’s officially for real this time.

According to TMZ, Tiny filed for divorce after they’ve been married for only six years. Back in 2010, they married each other in Miami, although they’ve been together since 2001. Between the two of them, they have two sons and an infant daughter, Heiress, that was born just a few short months ago.

According to inside sources, T.I. and Tiny’s marriage has been a bit rocky for months now. Trouble followed the Family Hustle co-stars after a photo of Tiny standing next to Tip’s sworn enemy— Floyd Mayweather— popped up online. The picture was taken at Mariah Carey’s Halloween party.

As a quick refresher, T.I. and Mayweather have been at odds for years after a public brawl broke out back in 2014.

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