RESPECT. Premiere: F.Y.I. Releases Music Video for “Trust Me”

The Los Angeles based emcee F.Y.I. has just released his music video for his song “Trust Me.” The video was directed by HighTopBully.

“Trust Me” is a single from F.Y.I.’s EP F.Y.I. Invented Green, and was produced by Dale Danja. The emcee made his musical debut as part of the trio Those Chosen, whose works included the EP 5ive, and were largely produced by Grammy Award winner IZ Avila, . F.Y.I. also collaborated with Ab-Soul on “Dopamine” in 2012 which had made it onto the performers first solo mixtape that also hit #1 on CMJ’s Hip Hop Charts, titled Yo! The Places You’ll Go. He calls his style of music “life music,” saying that, “The culture of hip-hop is in the music.  It’s not just a rapper talking about the “game” of the rap music industry – you hear soul;  you hear culture.   All the triumphs, transitions and tragedies of life are all captured in my music.”

F.Y.I. had some things to say about his new song and the video that was directed for it. The single represents not only his particular style of music, but also his thoughts on the industry that became his inspiration for the single:

“Based on my observation of the culture and how it’s become so commercialized and watered down that people are starving to hear an emcee that they can trust to be raw and express themselves totally with NO false pretense fake sh*t.”

F.Y.I. certainly speaks his mind in his new video, and you can see for yourselves down below if you agree with his observations.


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