RESPECT. Interview: Code Green, ‘7 Day Trip’


On November 21, Code Green released their debut EP, 7 Day Trip. Code Green is a collective from Providence, Rhode Island. The trio is made up of Nesi, Evo, and ER, who have known each other since about 2009. The EP is about a week long trip that the group took to Los Angeles, where they took time to get creative inspiration and make the EP. 7 Day Trip gives listeners an abundant amount of vibes and flavors to choose from, while keeping the same taste of alternative trap.

RESPECT.: How long have you all been making music?

Nesi: We started making music in 2008 or 2009. We were really just a clique in the city; we were a group of fly dudes doing our thing and having a good time. It started off as just a clique activity. There were only a few of us who made music: I know ER was from the west side and we were from the east side so we linked up with ER. One of ER’s cousins was actually in the original clique, Code Green, and that’s how I met ER. Evo was moving around at the time as well, and the founder of Code Green was actually Evo’s cousin, which is how I met Evo. In 2008/2009 we started making our plays and moving together; then, in 2012, we started taking the music seriously.

RESPECT.: Who are you all influenced by?

Nesi: I had an older brother so I’m a big fan of Bone Thugs. I was a big fan of 90’s R&B so, TLC— and Usher… I also had an older sister and she was always playing R&B vibes. Other that than I like Daft Punk and the Gorillaz.

Evo: As far as the hip-hop scene, I was definitely a big Weezy fan; especially during the ’06-’07 era. And I’ve always liked Kid Cudi and Kanye. As far as genres, I’m into alternative music and I think that’s what really inspires me nowadays… I try not to get too caught up in the whole Rap/Trap scene, even though I do appreciate it.

ER: As far as my influences, I side with all of the artists they just named. We pretty much all have similar taste in music. I’m also inspired by Max B. I loved Dipset growing up; I aspire to move as a unit like they did. Killa Cam and Juelz were definitely my favorite. I also love the Fugees. I’m pretty much a fan of any cross of R&B and Rap because that’s what we try to bring, that melodic sound with the raps.

RESPECT.: How did the name “Code Green” come about?

Nesi: Well it started off on a smaller purpose, because we were smoking a lot of weed, making a lot of flips. Hence, “Code Green”. It was me and Nonny(R.I.P.) who started it; he passed away earlier this year. From there, whoever was on the get money train and making sure they weren’t getting lost in the city, we wanted them all to know we were just trying to make good music, send out positive vibes only. Then it became a code that we began to live by… Everything green grows, which is a line that ER says in one of our songs.

RESPECT.: Since 7 Day Trip is an EP about the seven day trip you all took to LA, could you all tell about what happened in the span of those seven days? Also, what day was the best day?

ER: We pretty much got here after our manager, Drewski, extended a hand out for us to come to the west coast so that we could see what it has to offer. When we got here, we hit the ground running and explored California. We’ve never really seen palm trees, unless we went to Florida, which was really only like once when I was younger. But we met with a few guys, went to a few meetings, shot a few videos, hit the strip on Sunset– Where we met Young Pops, some crazy old dude that really calls himself Young Pops. He had the 3x jeans on, and the baggy long tee. He pretty much gave us insight and put us on game on how to move around the area.

Nesi: I mean, just to kind of round it up, most of the days we were really just being productive. The whole thing about 7 Day Trip was mentality of something different or being in a different space. Where we’re from it’s super small. Most of us haven’t really seen too much outside from Rhode Island, so coming to Cali was a big deal for us because it opened up our whole perspective. Out on the west coast they move a little different– it was a whole new vibe, a whole new way of life, and a lot more is accepted. So, each song on the project symbolizes each day. Starting with “Nights in LA“, no one knew us, but everybody was feeling us.

RESPECT.: Could you all explain the masks that you’re wearing on your EP cover?

Evo: We handmade them. It was very time consuming, but worth it– it was pretty fun. I picked the wolf; I was pretty much just always fond of wolves. There’s something unique about them. I started looking into their characteristics, and how they match up with mine. They’re very affectionate animals, especially with their family. I also always thought it was cool how they howl at the moon to communicate with their pack– that alone reminds me of how I communicate with my pack, Nesi and ER.

ER: I’m the bull, and you can tell by the horns. A bull is a dominant animal– I feel like I come off as such. I’m very affection with people I love. But, when things hit the fan, I have another side to me. Bulls are actually color blind: When they see that red flag, they think that you’re starting with them. Likewise, If you try to push me or anybody I love around, thats when the drama gets brought up. Other than that, I’m a very peaceful guy who shows love. I’m dominant when it comes to what I love, I fight and push for it.

Nesi: I ended up picking the bear because I just love what a bear stands for. That love and protectiveness over their family. I’ve always liked the strength, and dominance that they show. However, I like how they are just as loving and caring as well.

RESPECT.: What is each of you all’s favorite track on the EP? Why?

Evo: They’re all my babies… Well actually, I don’t know. It varies. One day I love “Luv and Vibe“, and another day, I like Estranged. But they’re pretty much all equal to me, to be honest.

ER: I really love “Luv and Vibe“. But I have a special connection with “Wild Wild West“, because that was the first time I really expressed my vocals to the world… Which is what I eventually want for myself to put out to the world– Those Max B vibes, because he’s definitely one of my main inspirations when it comes to music.

Nesi: I think for me, I’ll say “D.W.U.D.” today… Kind of like that sunshine, riding with the top down feel. It’s just a good flowing record. I love the sounds, and it has a lot of spanish influences. It’s actually the oldest song on the project show it also shows our progression– where we were, and where we are now.

RESPECT.: How do you all think that this project is different than any other tape or EP that you’ve done?

Nesi: First and foremost, it’s the project that took us the most time. We never really planned anything out before with a full push extent. It has more of a substance to it because it was a story that actually took place. During the recording process we realized how much everything meant to us; we lost one of our closest friends. With that happening, it made us feel like we had to make it happen. Also, each song from one to seven gets the same amount of love; there are no wasted tracks. There is a track for every vibe. Each song is a different color on the color wheel, and I think that that’s what I’m most proud of.


With that being said, 7 Day Trip is just the beginning. The EP is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Code Green has informed us that they have bigger and better things coming in 2017! Make sure you keep up with them on Twitter @livebyCG.


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