New Music: Jae Tips – “Cancelled Christmas” [LISTEN]


Some hard-hitting Hip-Hop for your Monday morning: New York footwear aficionado Jae Tips let go of a banger titled “Cancelled Christmas,” which essentially sees the Bronx emcee spazzing out over some ugly-face production courtesy of Dizz:

I rap circles ’round these rap n***as
Y’all ain’t really who y’all say you are, y’all catfishing
I was in the 10th grade, really Saks Fifth-ing
Y’all was still trading cards, that’s why I act different
Yo, man I grew up on a bad block
Had to play the crib ’cause lil’ n***as made the Ave hot
Starting poppin’, now I bubble like a crack rock
My city on smash, I hold the key to that padlock
Y’all ain’t gangsta, y’all be drawing through the laptop…

Tips keeps this intensity throughout the entire track, a perfect match for a percussion-driven beat that would probably fit any top-tier lyricist in the Rap game right now (think JAY Z‘s “D.O.A.” or — for a more comparable lyrical reference — Quadir Lateef‘s “H.N.I.C.”). A remix of this instrumental with Vince Staples or Pusha T would be complete destruction.

Stream “Cancelled Christmas” below…if you like what you’re hearing (and if you’re a true fan of Rap, why wouldn’t you?), you can also check out Tips’ Hypebeast mixtape series (the second installment of which was released earlier this year) and more via his Soundcloud. You’ll definitely want to hear more of both the artist and the producer.


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