‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap: “The Chicago Way”


The mid-season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow took us all the way back to 1927 Chicago and introduced us to Al Capone.

1927 Chicago

Damien Darhk and Eobart Thawne (Reverse Flash) set up a meeting with Al Capone. After thwarting Capone’s goons they introduce him to a third member of their crew; Malcom Merlin. The three promise Capone they can find a way to keep his empire afloat and make him even more powerful they he could ever imagine.

Timeship (Inside the Vortex)

Nate and Ray continue their sibling rivalry and breaking things until Sarah, taking on the role of their mother, makes them stop before they do some serious damage to the time ship…again. Shortly after The Legends are informed of an aberration in 1927 Chicago and embark on their next adventure.

1927 Chicago

The Legends learn that Darhk and Thawne are working with Capone. They also learn that Capone is going after Elliot Ness (the man who helps take Capone down). Two police officers nab Ness and take him to a pier where they attach cinder blocks to his ankles and dump him in the river. Vixen uses her amulet to channel dolphin powers and is able to save Ness from death. They bring him back to the ship and later on learn that he was a diversion in a much larger scheme set up by Darhk and crew.

Timeship 1927 Chicago

Gideon begins patching up Ness but informs the team that he needs to stay in the med-bay longer than usual as he has brain damage. Therefore, Nate has to impersonate Ness while Sarah, Martin and Jax go undercover at the club associated with Capone.

Vixen stays behind to babysit Mick who is seeing visions of Leonard Snart; Snart wants to set him straight.

1927 Chicago

The team’s cover is blown when Thawne enters the club and quickly grabs Martin and Sarah. They are brought back to a basement of some sorts and Merlin pays the two a visit. Merlin informs Sarah that he arranged for the Gambit (the boat she and Oliver Queen were on) to be blown up and was the reason they got stranded on the island. He then offers Sarah a deal; the amulet for a rewrite of history. Sarah turns him down.

Martin then comes clean to Sarah about his daughter Lily. Sarah tells Martin that she isn’t real and that they need to fix the aberration. Their conversation is then interrupted by Damien Darhk. He has his men grab Martin and bring him to Thawne.

Timeship 1927 Chicago

Back on the timeship Mick takes charge and tells the team they are going to do things his way. They are going to have to become criminals in order to save Sarah and Martin.

1927 Chicago

Vixen and Mick take a play out of Bonnie and Clyde’s book and steal one of Capone’s trucks.

Thawne stabs Martin with some sort of device as Vixen rescues Sarah. Mick sees Snart again as he is searching for Martin. Snart tells Mick to get out of the game before he is killed.

Nate and Ray find the ledger and meet up with the rest of the team after they find Martin. Capone has his men fire at The Legends but ultimately lets them go.

Timeship 1927 Chicago

Mick sees Snart for a third time. He tells Mick that the self-sacrifice thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

While Mick tries to rid his brain of his Snart hallucination, Jax sees that Thawne has impersonated Martin and is ransacking the library for the amulet. Sarah heads into the library and is attacked by Thawne. He escapes after Nate steps in to help Sarah and races down the hallway. Jax shoots him with the speedster weapon only debilitating him for a few seconds.

Thawne then locks the crew in the bay and allows Merlin and crew to enter the Waverider. They ransack the ship and fire at anyone who gets in their way.

Mick and Vixen find a way to get the bay open and team up to catch Thawne as Sarah and Merlin face off. Thawne almost kills Vixen but Mick saves her.

Sarah has a knife to the throat of Merlin and makes a deal with him; she gives him the amulet in exchange for Martin’s location.

1927 Chicago

Martin is at the pier about to get whacked when Sarah comes to his rescue. While Sarah is busy untying Martin, Nate and Ray return Ness to his time. They hand Ness the ledger, tell him that this will help him catch Capone and head back to the timeship.

Timeship 1927 Chicago

Vixen gives Mick booze and a kiss on the cheek as thanks for saving her life.

Sarah decides to not force Martin into giving up Lily. She wants to protect her family (The Legends) and by protecting them she has to protect Lily as she is Martin’s family.

1927 Chicago

Thawne puts the amulet together (it was in two pieces) and reveals it to be a compass. The compass that will lead them to the spear of destiny, a weapon that can be used to rewrite reality but first they need Rip Hunter.

1967 Los Angeles

Rip Hunter is no longer British and is now a big time director. It looks like he is directing a movie about time masters. Where has he been all this time?




To come on this season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow:

Rip is working alongside George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars. Does he give Lucas the idea for Star Wars?

Is this the same Star Wars we know and love or is it an altered version of the blockbuster franchise?

Clip from the new episode coming Tuesday January 24th:

For those that have the CW app (if you don’t download it, it’s free!), The CW has given app users an exclusive look into the next episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which airs on Tuesday January 24th : The Legion of Doom has Rip and The Legends have the spear of destiny. However, a team member does not make it back to the ship. Is this team member Rip or is it another Legend?

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