Play Cloths Continue Their Campaign, Release New Holiday Collection


Play Cloths introduced their Made In Virginia campaign just a few weeks ago. They accompanied their visual releases with a new holiday clothing collection as well. Now, they’ve presented the second part of their Holiday ’16 Collection. 

Since the year is nearing towards its end, and the winter season is approaching, the street wear collective have decided to focus on appropriate outwear for the season.



They’ve described the new release as “a technical approach to contemporary street wear, with the use of new fabrics and materials to offer a collection that is centered at the convergence of style and function.”

The new gear is presented through an all black and white color palette. Some of the clothing includes a 3M jacket paired with layered jacquard, 300 GSM fleece and wet nylon among other knits, hoodies and joggers.

The imagery for this clothing release also remains utterly focused on the aforementioned color palette.




This Friday at 1PM EST, the new collection will be available for purchase on the Play Cloths website. Be sure to be ready for this worthy release.



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