Kanye West Says He Would’ve Voted for Donald Trump

Kanye West

A very unprecedented statement of beliefs took place in San Jose, during Kanye West‘s visit for the Saint Pablo Tour. Throughout his career, the ostentatiousness of Kanye West has been a monument to marvel at for PR professionals and the public to view, with radical rhetoric and erratic behavior etched into the same structure. The same individual, who in 2005 espoused anti-Bush rhetoric with the famous “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People” quote, was now endorsing President-elect Donald Trump.

“This is my platform and I’m going to talk about the paradigm shift that’s happening right now,” he said, ostensibly in reference to a personal switch in emotions. Coupled with the previous statement, he said “If I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted for Trump.”

Clamors reverberated in the crowd, with the man stoutly perched over their heads on a hanging stage speaking in terms that are seemingly the antithesis of what he’s stood for in the past. “Stop focusing on racism…. We are in a racist country – period.” According to The Independent, “there was also a lot of booing, stunned silence and even a few projectiles – one of which was a Yeezy shoe, which Kanye promptly signed and returned to the thrower.”

Twitter user “RaptorJesuss” live-tweeted the majority of the concert, saying that “he’s cut more than half of his songs with rants.”

Amongst these tweets were also summarizations of some of Kanye’s points. “Kanye is now saying how he loved Trumps debate style. Kanye is glad Trump inspired racists to reveal themselves. ‘This is the beginning’.”

Check out “RaptorJesuss” Twitter here, and be on the lookout for the onslaught of articles and tweets which’ll certainly respond to Kanye’s interesting opinion.

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