“HypePeace” Collection For Palestine Sells Out


HypePeace, a streetwear brand out of London, recently dropped their newest collection, the ‘Palestine’ line. The brand dropped a t-shirt, a crewneck sweater, and a hoodie, all ranging between £22 and £35 a piece. These pieces are cheaper than those sold by the brand Palace that HypePeace parodies with this line. All of the proceeds of this collection go to ‘Sharek Youth Forum’ which funds projects created by Palestinian youth to better their communities. The collection sold out in just days.

It begs the question,  how motivated by social justice are hypebeasts? Regardless, since the collection sold out, there is an obvious craving for pieces driven by something beyond ‘hype’ in the world of streetwear. Since Toms took off in the realm of social entrepreneurship, brands have tried to incorporate important causes into their collections, working to make positive change and take a stance on issues salient to buyers. In fact, just last week, Supreme posted a photo encouraging their followers to vote, and took a political stance by using #imwithher on Instagram.

It’s a new time for brands, one in which they are recognizing how consumers are responding positively to their incorporation of things that go below the surface – whether that’s voting against Trump, supporting Palestinian youth, or creating an eco-friendly line. In the world of the #woke millennial shopper, the intersection of fashion and social justice will become increasingly important. And that’s something brands will have to pay attention to, whether they like it or not.


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