‘Hamilton’ Cast Makes Plea to VP-Elect, Mike Pence

In an instance of art reflecting life, the cast of Hamilton makes a plea to Vice President Elect, Mike Pence. Seizing an opportunity to make a revolutionary statement. As the next VP of the U.S. strolled out of the room, patrons began to boo (as they did when he entered). Actor, Brandon Victor Dixon, made a call for the administration to cast their gaze upon issues and groups they may not be taking into consideration. Dixon basically told Pence if he’s working for a country as diverse as the stage. They represent various cultures, sexual orientations & socioeconomic backgrounds. Siting this, Dixon reminded the president that America needs an administration that will look out for all Americans.

Alexander Hamilton wasn’t the most popular figure during his time either. He left timeless pillars for America, though. He was the father of The Federalist Papers, part of our constitutional foundation. Hamilton developed American banks, treasury and economic thought as we know today. Hamilton knew no small feat stood before him. The time to act was during his era. Hamilton wasn’t exactly positioning himself to win popularity contest in their day. His school of thought had to be a bridge from the British to a brighter future. Murdered at 47, the flowing of every dollar today is a tribute to his life’s work.

The Hamilton cast felt compelled to use the stage as their platform to take a stand. Once in a while life’s multiple axes bring relevant beings together at the right time. Some choose to act. Before declaring right or wrong, ask why. What would make the cast take such a stand? What could possibly make the crowd boo their future Vice President? Dixon quelling the crowds booing would not stop the President-elect from calling on the Hamilton cast to apologize.

If you ask those “basement-dwelling” Bernie (Sanders) types they’d give you a long list of past and potential future grievances supported by Pence. Folks who fear the looming administration feel the VP-elect has the voting record to support an agenda worth fearing. Without examining his whole record lets just look at a few of the grievances mention before Friday’s performance.

Pence on Color: Pence feels inner city residents should want stop-and-frisk policies. His ideology demands that we focus on reducing crime and not penalties (for crime). Yet, he voted ‘no’ on hate crime enforcement for crimes against the LGBTQ community.

Pence on Creed/orientation: Our VP holds true, that the Religious Freedom Act is not a secret weapon for LGBTQ discrimination. He feels we should amend the constitution to define ‘traditional marriage’ as future of conservatism hinges on it. In general, we should find a sweet spot between civil rights provisions with religious freedom.

Pence on Environment: You can’t deny global warming is real just because the planet is getting warmer every year. It makes sense though. This ideology enables one to consistently vote ‘no’ on renewable and ‘yes’ to cheap energy sources with a clear conscience.

Sounds like he’s gonna Pence on everything, huh? Statistics consistently indicate certain groups of our population are systematically done a disservice by American institutions. Ideals from these populations are cast aside by the dominate ideology whose cast controls the resources. As with our environmental situation indicates, causality is undeniable.

So lets look at effects. Those who stand to gain look, live and think more like Mike. Disproportionately, those who lose (and lose more) are far less like Pence as you look at his record. Campaigns are mostly about commercials and to that effect, the Pence and the President-elect did a great job.

America remains anxious and there aren’t enough dabs to calm the vibe. There are 52% of voters who have yet to sip the new White House Kool-Aid. Citizens are waiting to see what a land for us under them looks like. Recent cabinet appointments indicate we may be reverting back to an old course. The majority of voters fear system restoration to a Hamilton era default klan setting. Though the journey for pilot and vice-pilot-elect is just beginning. The ‘Hamilton’ cast delivered a pep talk while we prepare for take off. They encourage us to do the same. Remind the administration of its mission. Make America great for all.


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