1800 Tequila + Ricardo Gonzalez’s Recap of COMPLEXCon


The weekend of Nov 5-6, 1800 Tequila teamed up with Complex to create the 1800 Tequila Art Zone in the first ever ComplexCon. Over the two-day festival, music, art and design were celebrated at the Long Beach Convention Center. Over 11 exhibitors were commissioned to show their collections within the Art Zone including: Dabs Nyla, James Jean, Montana Colors, Paper Work NYC, Patrick Martinez, Pow!Wow! Hawaii, Ron English/Popaganda, Seventh Letter, Thnk Space and more.


Legendary artist, Takashi Murakami, one of the creative directors of ComplexCon, was spotted along with many other influencers checking out the exhibits in the Art Zone including: Mike Will Made, Shotta Spence, Jade from Two Nine, Hill Harper, Lala Kent, Hip Hop Trooper, Naturel, ASAP Mob, Karrueche Tran, Trinidad James, Cam’ron, YesJulz, and Sofia Richie.


1800 Tequila also created their own installation that featured live mural art painting from graphic artist Ricardo Gonzalez, napkin portrait painting from Napkin Killa, and an interactive Quantal Quilt. Together these artists and 1800 Tequila shared their commitment to culture and helping to shape the modern and contemporary art landscape by, participating at the first ever ComplexCon. 1800 celebrates and works with both upcoming and notable artists who have refined their premium craft while retaining their personal edge and who have stayed true to their roots – much like the tequila itself.


Check out what Ricardo Gonzalez had to say about COMPLEXCon down below.

Why did you team up with 1800 Tequila at COMPLEXCon?
 I have teamed up with 1800’s Art Zone at ComplexCon to celebrate their shared commitment to culture and helping to shape the modern and contemporary art landscape.
What will you be doing at COMPLEXCon? 
I am painting live art murals in the Art Zone at ComplexCon with the goal of blurring the boundaries between traditional and digital art. 1800 Tequila and I share the core values of passion, hard work and honesty, which drive this work. The result is elegant, yet raw and genuine – in other words, just refined enough.
What is Refined about 1800?
1800 celebrates and works with artists who have refined their premium craft while retaining their personal edge and staying true to their roots – much like the tequila itself. I’m honored to join the likes of past 1800 collaborators like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gary Baseman, Keith Haring, and Enoc Perez.
Anything else we should know about your collaboration?
My collaboration with 1800 Tequila at ComplexCon is the next page in 1800 Tequila’s history of ongoing support for artists. The Essential Artist Series, now in its breaks conformity by using their iconic bottle as a non-traditional canvas for the art of both established and up and coming artists. Few brands have shown dedication to programs like Essential Artists for over a decade.
In the year 1800, 1800 tequila was born using the world’s first 100% agave. Centuries later and the storied tequila has never wavered from its original formula and distillation process despite its growth, success, and flashy category trends that have come and gone. It has been, and always will be, made the right way– the hard way, which is a value that I [Ricardo Gonzalez] share and apply to my own craft and life.  Even as our processes becomes more premium and refined, we take pride in our edge, originality and authenticity.