Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs using #BARS to shine their light: #BARS MEDLEY VOL. 2 drops November 14th

Rafael Casal, who appeared on seasons 4,5 and 6 of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, explains how he and the Grammy and Tony Award-winning Diggs are using #BARS to shine their light.

“#BARS is a workshop I founded with my long-time collaborator Daveed Diggs as a place for artists to explore the intersection between contemporary verse/rap and theater. It came about as a joke suggestion from a friend, and turned into a force all it’s own through the excitement and genius of the artists who have been a part of it…: I think it’s a place for us to peer into the future of our individual and collective art through games and exercises. We just bring our skill sets like ingredients. Some people can rap, some can sing, some can write, some can do all of the above. The mutual ground is the love for pushing the boundaries of the forms, of using verse to tell heightened stories, and to see what new configurations of language can emerge when dope people get together to do dope shit.” – Rafael Casal


The #BARS MEDLEY VOL. 2 drops November 14th! So many fantastic surprise guests, performances, and an amazing moment for new and emerging aesthetics in theater. Check it out at:

Bars Workshop NYC: barsworkshopnyc.com


Learn more about #BARS here.

You can also find out more about this story at THE MUSEUM OF LIGHT.

Photo Credit: Lavell Wells, Vincent Morris, Matt Smith. 

The Museum of Light is curated by: 

Billy Johnson Jr., Adell Henderson, Joslyn Rose Lyons, Rafael Casal, Matt Smith, Malik Buie.