New Music: Cryface Jordan – “Neutral”

Cryface Jordan Collective Makes Social Commentary On Gender Neutrality With R&B/Trap Song “Neutral”

Remaining ambiguous in nature a new group named Cryface Jordan has emerged with a creativity crafted handful of songs that are infused with social media commentary. Coming to fans in the form or R&B/trap music, the group hides behind the curtains of their unknown identity as Cryface Jordan.

Challenging listener to focus on the music rather than the image of the artists, their sex and other characteristics, the mask allows this group to artistically do and say anything without inhibitions and judgement.

“We have always been close to social media, we started to develop the idea of a group that is totally based off of social media, social commentary and almost like a mirror back onto the social media fan because they are so fair-weather and trends change in half a day.  So we are like why don’t we see if we can use all these things to mirror back on the same thing without any identity and just make it as trendy as all the trends,” a member of Cryface Jordan explained.

Fans have been introduced to Cryface Jordan via two new songs, dubbed “Robots” and “Neutral” that focus the ideas of individualism and gender neutrality.

“If you listen to the song “Robots,” we are saying we are just creative robots we are just trying to push to this dream. When it comes to robots you are just one in thousands and it’s tough to stand out.  So this one “Neutral” takes a little more of a slight on gender neutrality. With robots, theres not male or female robot, you’re just a robot and so we are starting to formulate it into a social commentary of sorts,” another member said.

“When people listen to the music there are 4 different voices on the song ‘Robots’ and there are male and female voices on the song, it’s totally ambiguous.  We are empowering males and females.  There’s no number of people in the group, anyone on the song is in the group for that period of time, we just want to focus on the music, no features names or anything, just the music,” Cryface Jordan added.

Check out the track at the top of the page, and let us know your thoughts!

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