THE MUSEUM OF LIGHT: Just as an alchemist transforms led into gold, do you feel that being an artist relates to that of being an alchemist? Do you view the artist journey and your creative expression, as alchemy?

DJ QBERT: Yes, I feel that as an artist, I’m constantly on a journey to learn more about music and hone my skills… It’s led me to a transformation from just doing music, to now discovering that we as artists are healers. I’ve found that the more love I put into what I do, it definitely shines through to the listener. (Well, at least I hope it does, ha!)


THE MUSEUM OF LIGHT: Artists are often labeled as “stars.” Just as a star radiates light and the planets then reflect this light, do you see your work as an artist like that of a star? Is this “light” that stars radiate merely the evidence of this journey of becoming a star/learning to radiate light?

DJ QBERT: Yes, you got it! It’s a transference of energy. the frequency of love is light… so what we hear are frequencies… and light is higher forms of frequencies. The music you hear may not blatantly reveal to you the subtle frequencies of the invisible light of love, but you will feel it, when the artist has that intention. And besides, as humans, we are all micro universes… so you could say we are all full of stars.


THE MUSEUM OF LIGHT: When an artist is not “creating” it is often labeled a “creative block.” How do you navigate this space, how do you find the creative spark in the dark, and does it require courage to create from this unknown space? Describe this process.


DJ QBERT: It’s all a balance and it comes in waves just as nature does… When you are not “feelin” it at the moment, it is the perfect time to do other things, like just simply live life, listen to other things, go out and get inspiration… And speaking of nature, that’s exactly where I go to get it! There’s so much beauty on a path in the forest. All the geometry in the plants, the way animals look and do things, the way things sound, the music that insects make, you know… All the love and light the universe gives to us just makes me peaceful… And when I’m in a zen kinda mode, I’m ridiculously creative for some reason. My third ear is open and I hear music from outta this dimension… I guess there could be light in your ears too, ha!

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