RESPECT. Premiere: Derek Minor is Giving All He Has on “Until I’m Gone” Feat. BJ the Chicago Kid


There are many few that use their talents to speak on day to day struggles that human beings have. From paying bills to putting faith in God, these are things that people think about pretty often. But you don’t hear it really covered on songs blaring through our radios. Why, though? It’s hard to pinpoint it. Some may just not care or are too fearful to speak on the truth. Well, careless and fearful are two things that Derek Minor is not. And he shows us that on his new track, “Until I’m Gone,” featuring BJ the Chicago Kid.

“Until I’m Gone” is an inspirational song– like many of Minor’s tracks– that speaks on his past, how far he has come and putting his faith in God. Minor is a true inspiration to others. He raps, “This for my people that struggle to pay off they light bill / In they heart man they wonder if Christ real / Or the next meal / I can tell you how that life feel.”

BJ the Chicago Kid adds his smooth vocals to the track as he sings, “And I got a whole lot of living Ima do/Now I’m finally winning and I owe it all to you/That’s why I’m going to give it all I got until I’m gone.”

“Until I’m Gone” will be featured on Minor’s sixth album, REFLECTIONS, which is due out October 14th. You can pre-order the album on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Make sure to keep up with Derek Minor on Twitter and his site.

Let Derek Minor inspire you!


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