Premiere: Conway & Prodigy ‘Hell Still On Earth’ EP (stream) + WESTSIDEGUNN “Peter Luger” (Video)

Conway & Prodigy

Is this not the flyest double-premiere you’ve opened in a while? Come on. I suppose a formal introduction isn’t necessary, but perhaps you’re just discovering Conway and WESTSIDEGUNN. Responsible for breathing a new, refreshing cloud of appreciation back into east coast hip-hop, the two blood brothers have been on one hell of a musical tangent – alongside in-house producer Daringer and Griselda Records. Your grandmother may not like it, your white picket fence, suburban mother may not like it, but we can assure that hip-hop heads in and out of the streets love it. It’s a special sound that hasn’t been explored to this degree. Daringer’s careful loops, often drumless. Conway’s unapologetic grime and addicting slur. WESTSIDEGUNN’s piercing solidity. It’s a feeling we’ve been missing since, say, the Styles P. mixtape days. It’s here now, in 2016, and appears to be staying for a while as long as they’re on record.

Let’s get into Conway and Prodigy‘s new Hell Still On Earth EP. The release is just under ten minutes, a severely potent ten minutes at that. The world heard a collaborative effort from the two a few months back on the GxFR Don’t Get Scared Now EP, certainly leaving those who’ve heard it wanting more. Well, it landed safely. This isn’t a review, we’re just delivering it to you properly. You can stream and review it yourself below. We also had the pleasure of asking Conway a few questions that we think you’ll enjoy.

Onto the new video. “Peter Luger” is a stand-out off of WESTSIDEGUNN’s latest ‘There’s God and There’s FLYGOD, Praise Both‘ release. We’re stoked to now have a video for it. It’s a simple visual demonstration – the FLYGOD pulls up in the latest 2017 Benz Coupe on what seems to be a frequented corner in Buffalo, New York. Of course he’s dipped in his own latest fashion, one piece being his brother’s stylized face pressed over the black, limited edition hoodie (see Instagram for clothing updates). A simple corner store run for two blunts. Why is this special? Well, first it’s filmed incredibly sharp. A minimalistic approach is working beautifully here. It’s reminiscent of Kanye West’s current Life of Pablo tour in a sense, not directly of course. Maybe subconsciously – they’re all geniuses. After all it’s no secret that WSG is a big fan of Ye’s vision and artistic drive. And lastly, it’s relatable – simple as that. Enough yap out of us, enjoy the first look at “Peter Luger” and tell your friends, they’ll probably like it too:

a quick conversation with Conway:

The new EP is here. This might be the grimiest 10 minutes we’ve heard in a while. How did the project come about? 

After we did “Benz Window”, me and P thought we needed to keep cookin’ up more shit. The streets need that so here it is. We got more together on the way too.

Yeah, the collaboration just makes sense. Is this a teaser at what’s to come with ‘G.O.A.T.’? I know a lot of people are excited for that as well. 

Exactly. Gotta get people ready for what’s about to happen. It’s spooky right now for these rap niggas.

You’re arguably one of the hardest emcees in hip-hop right now. I get the same feeling with you and WSG that I did with LOX and Beanie Sigel type of material. 

We’re just doin’ our job. We understand we have an opportunity to do something special for hip-hop. We just stay humble and stay consistent with hard beats and hard lyrics. The rest will pan itself out.

If you could work with one artist dead or alive who would it be?

This may surprise you but it’s Kanye West. I think he’s a creative genius and I’m always inspired by him.


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